HELP!.. BEFW11S4 Ver.4 problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by general_klink, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. I've had unreliable Wan strength for a while. My PC is only 10 feet away from the router and the signal would go from very good to low for no reason.

    I upgraded my firmware to the latest version 1.52(?) to see if it would help. It changed all the settings so I lost my connectivity. When I finally figured out how to set it up to connect to the internet it was worse than pre-update conectivity, and the software setup layout changed so getting help from my ISP was useless.(they are telling me instructions for screens that are no longer there)

    I now run a wired connection to my PC(disabled the WAN) to see if it would help. It hasn't.

    I have downgraded an older firmware (1.50.140) and now I am having speed issues. My DSL connection will go from ~700 kbps to 64 kbps for no reason. It is constantly fluctuating. I have reset my router and my modem numerous times and it is only a temporary fix. It still fluctuates the speed.

    I now run a wired connection to my PC(disabled the WAN) to see if it would help. It hasn't

    I didn't have any speed problems before the 1st upgrade. I read after I upgraded the 1st time there are many problems with the latest upgrade.

    I didn't write down the original version before I upgraded so I am not sure what version to downgrade to.

    Maybe the router is dying?
    Any suggestions/links would be appreciated.
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