HELP!!! Cannot get WDS up and ruuning to save my life...

Discussion in 'Tarifa Firmware' started by bostonjavaboy, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member

    Everyone and anyone-

    I am at wits end of trying to set up WDS and wanted to know if anyone can give some insight. I am pretty adept at computers (building, fixing, etc) but only so so at networking. If anyone could be of asistance it would be greaty appreciated.

    I have research several websites (tom's networking, wifi planet, and so forth) and followed all diagrams but cannot get my WES up and running.

    So here is the situation:

    1. I just moved to a large farm where my friend has Hughes Satellite for internet (he currently has the D7000 modem which moves quite fast all things considered). He also has his internet conenction going into a Linksys wireless router(WRT54GS with Speed Booster).

    2. Currently, when I walk out onto my deck my Dell True Mobiel immeidatly picks up my friends router but at a weak signal. I figured if I could get a signal so far away with just my laptop then I should be able to set up a WDS with a few mods.

    3. I have proceeded to take my old WRT54GL v1.1 and update it with Tarifa's new firmware update to allow me to covert my router with the ability of WDS/brdiging capabilities.

    4. Next, I realized that I would probably need a stronger antennas than I currently have so I picked up the original cantenna off to connect into my Linksys router.

    Now, here is my problem. I have followed the instructions of Tarifa's manual in setting up a WDS where it states that only connection settings needed are on my end and not my friend's router. Yet I am getting no luck.

    I then researched Tom's Network forums where it states that the MAC address of each router to be connected needs to be placed in the opposite router respectively. ( I have not tried this as of I need to wait til lmy friend gets home)

    Can someone give me any insight as to what I am doing wrong?

    My goal is for me to be able to leech off his internet connection (which he has graciously allowed) and also have my TIVO set up for networking capabilites).

    Any help would be VERY much appreciated.
  2. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member


    If I placed this thread in the wrong forum...please forgive me and move to the appropiate one. Thanks
  3. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member more thing....I realized my grammar/typing was rather apologies to all as rather hectic morning working on this whole WDS thing
  4. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    If you need to put in the MAC addresses but you haven't done that then why would it be working?
  5. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Setting up WDS

    Ok, a little info about WDS:

    First, you need to know the folowing from the (main)router:
    1. The MAC-adress of the wireless interface.
    2. The Firmware version. (and hardware model)
    3. The radio channel.
    4. The wireless security key and setup.
    5. The 802.11 operation mode.

    (3) and (4) must be the same, and the MAC (1) must be placed in your router. (5) should be the same.

    All standard WRT54G(s) routers including the v5 and v6 support Lazy WDS. But some firmware versions donĀ“t (specially on wrt54g v1.x), and this has be updated.

    Lazy WDS is an autoconfiguration of the WDS bridge, that is why you only have to setup one. (the other detect a wds bridge and auto-configures)

    Thats all!
  6. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member

    A little more info


    Thanks for the willingness to reply to my problem. I figure I should provide some more information to my situation to help better aid those trying to understand.

    The following routers are being used to set up the WDS:

    Main router (one acting as gateway for internet/my friends)
    Model: WRT54GS
    Firmware: 1.50.3

    My router (one trying to connect to the main router)
    Model: Linksys WRT54GL
    Firmware: Latest Tarifa firmware (supports WDS/bridging)

    What I have done thus far (following the Tarifa user manual to the new firmware).
    1. Obtained the wireless MAC address to friends router and placed it in the appropiate field under "Basic Wireless Settings" on my router.
    2. Made sure that we both had the same channel of "6"
    3. Made sure security is the same....we both decided to have no security set up given that we live on a HUGE farm with very little chance of anyone leeching from us.
    4. Made sure we were both operating in the same 802.11 mode. We both are using "mixed".
    5. I then assigned seperate IP's to our routers to and changed oure SSID's so that I could differentiate between them when needed.
    6. Next, I followed Tarifa's instructions and diabled loop back on my router as well as DHCP on my router.
    5. At this point I screwed in the cantenna into the right antenna port on the back of my router. I then set both of my antennas to "Auto"...did not no if I should make one transfer (t.x) or receive (r.x)
    6. I then fired up my router and aimed the antenna across the field. Yet when using NetStumbler....I get only the signal from my router and not his.

    I should state that under my basic wireless settings, I have it set at access point and not bridge mode. I figured this is correct due to the fact that I will want clients to be able to access the network once up and ruuning (i. e. my laptop or TIVO wirelss adapter) this point I do not know what I am doing wrong. I do not feel I have a bad antenna or anything.

    And to clarify....

    I should have the wireless MAC address input into MY router in the wireless connection settings?

    All other settings are identical.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any further ideas or help you or others may give...

  7. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Product: WRT54GS v.5
    Classification: Firmware Release History
    Firmware Date: 5/23/2006
    Release Date: 5/30/2006
    Last Firmware Version: 1.50.8
    Firmware 1.50.8
    Firmware 1.50.5
    - Resolves issues with WAP54G repeater mode
    Firmware 1.50.3
    - Initial release

    I think you are doing everything as it should, but the problem is on the wrt54gs v5.

    The Initial firmware release misses a lot. WDS in the WRT54GS V5 is supported in firmware vesion 1.50.5 and above. And you have firmware 1.50.3.

    Upgrade the wrt54gs firmware to th latest 1.50.8.

  8. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member

    In response


    thanks so much...i will download the firmware today and update it tonight and let you know how it goes.

    thanks again
  9. bostonjavaboy

    bostonjavaboy LI Guru Member

    Update: WDS WORKING!!!


    Just wanted to say than you very mucy and how much I have appreciated your input and patience.

    Downloaded and updated my friend's firmware today. Came over to my place. Fired up my router and VIOLA!!!! I am live to the internet and all.

    Only one strange thing.....

    I had thought that when the WDS was up...I would be able to differentiate between the IP's of the routers. I had labeled our SSID's differently. Main reason on this is that I wanted to run a signal/noise ratio test with NetStumbler using the cantenna on my right side.

    Yet when I open up NetStumbler, it only picks up my SSID. Seems kind of weird.

    Hey, I am glad that I am up and running to the internet....just curious about not being able to see his SSID

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again.....
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