Help Configuring RT31P2 (Vonage) to work through a WRT54GSv2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jbrsd, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I'm looking for guidance or a reference to precise online how-to instructions.

    I am trying to use a WRT54GSv2 as my primary router/Internet Gateway and configure an RT31P2 (Vonage) so that VOIP and the wired ports pass directly through to the WRT54GSv2.

    I have some level of familiarity with TCP/IP, but do not know enough about routers to configure this correctly. If anyone has done this sucessfully, please let me know what specific settings need to be on the WRT54GS and on the RT31P2, including any port passthroughs that need to be set.

    If there need to be specific port settings for the VOIP ports on either router for Vonage VOIP to route from the RT31P2 through the WRT54GS please indicate those settings as well.

    In the end, my local network should look like this:

    Internet -> Cable Modem -> WRT54GS ( -> RT31P2 ( [with VOIP and the wired ports on the RT31P2 accessing the Internet through the WRT54GS].

    DHCP will be served by the WRT54GS. The DHCP scope will go from to DHCP will be disabled in the RT31P2.


    All routers are running the most recent firmware upgrades. There is also a fixed IP wired network printer at which will connect either to the WRT54GS or the RT31P2.

    This may be a little more complex than a lot of home users, but poses some interesting challenges.

    I'm grateful for any assistance!

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  3. jbrsd

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    Hadn't seen that... Thanks for the link.

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