Help! Dead WAP54G

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by Yamboo29, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Yamboo29

    Yamboo29 Network Guru Member

    Hey all, My WAP54G is dead. The red Power light comes on, and if i plug in a eithernet cable the Link light comes on. but no green act light. and i can't get the unit to respond what so ever. it wont doesn't respond when reset button is pressed and held for 10 to 20 seconds. i can't even ping it. is there any way to flash the firmware?
  2. namoil

    namoil Guest

    reset wap54g

    Pull of the black rubber feet of the WAP, and unscrew the 2 screws , slide the bleu part out of the rest black piece of case .. , the rest must be pretty obvious , the print itself is attached to the black part bij 3 or 4 screws ...

    -Find pin 15 en 16 of the flash chip .

    Pin 1 is marked by a white dot next to the chip on the print, from the dot you can count the other pins , every 5 pins are marked with a line . ( see pic )

    - set your computer to IP

    - Then try to ping your WAP , by opening a MSDOS window and typing the following command :

    ping -t

    - Shortwire pin 15 and 16 ( with a needle ) , and put in the powersupply . When done right you should get results to your ping now !

    - Push CTRL + C in the MSDOS window to stop the ping .

    - Type the following commandline in the MSDOW window to upload the right firmware ( mustdie 2.07 r1 is my favorite ) :

    tftp -i PUT c:\plaats_waar_je_firmware_staat.trx
  3. mariodepaz

    mariodepaz Network Guru Member

    Hello folks.

    I´m having the same problem that you It works the solution that he provided you.
    Could you please explain me.
    If you find a solution to fix the issue with the WAP.

    Hey gay:
    I have downgrade de firmware to my wap:
    WAP54G Version 2
    Firmware 2.7

    I did this to change the original firmware for mustdie, but now I can´t access de wap.
    When I made the downgrade the wap was of this way:
    Mode: Ap

    Now I can see the light Power the lan power but the Act light is always off, I tried to restart this to the default setting pressing the reset button.
    It suppose than the Ip by default is, I´ve change the Ip to my ip to the same network but nothing I can not pinging.
    Neither with previous the reset or
    with default

    Any help will be really appreciated.
    Thanks a lot
  4. Mauz27

    Mauz27 LI Guru Member

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