Help needed. Lose my connection to AP after a few minutes

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by whamo, May 25, 2005.

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    Greetings all,

    I'm running a setup where I have A WRT54G as my router/AP on my main computer & cable modem and a WRT54G in client mode on a computer in my workshop. I followed the setup directions found at
    and initially had great success. My problem is that after a few minutes (maybe 10) of inactivity my workshop computer with the WRT54G in client mode loses it's connection to the main computer/WRT54G/cable modem. If I'm wrong about anything that follows, please correct me. This loss of connection seems to be verified by looking at the "Status::Router" screen on the workshop computer because the ip address assigned by the main router is listed as
    It appears after some quick and dirty tests that I can re-establish the connection by restarting the router hooked up to the main computer. I also restarted the workshop computer but am uncertain if that was absolutely necessary. I did, first try restarting only the workshop computer and was not able to reconnect by this restart alone. What this suggests to me is that I have some setting on my main computer or router that is causing the problem. I suspect that the problem is not in the main router's settings as I followed the setup directions to the letter and am able to initially connect.
    Additionally, I had a similar problem when I was using a Buffalo wireless USB adapter on the workshop computer. I wasn't happy with signal strength with the Buffalo, that's why I scrapped it and went to the second WRT54G in client mode for the workshop computer.
    I am in the course of educating myself about networking so I may be making what will turn out to be a simple error (hopefully!). Feel free to mock me in your replies.
    Has anyone experienced a similar problem to this and if so, how is it resolved? I welcome any and all input and ideas. Share your thoughts on this situation with me. I will be eternally grateful

    Cheers, All,
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