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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ndarwich, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. ndarwich

    ndarwich Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello. I am having some troubles setting up my network. I have a business and I need to have 2 computers hardwired through ethernet cables in the front and about 75 yards away I need to have wireless internet in the warehouse. What I have done is purchased Verizon DSL with a Westin Modem/Router combo and have a Linksys WRT54GS.

    What I want to do is this: I have a 150 foot ethernet cable connecting my modem to the WRT54GS. I want the WRT54GS to only send out a wireless signal (as I don't have anything hardwired to it in the warehouse)and I want the Westin Modem/Router combo to only work via hardwired ethernet cables. What is the set up I need to use and what are the steps? I've been reading multiple things like use the WRT54GS as a repeater or put it in client mode or use it as a wireless ethernet bridge. Quite frankly, I have no idea what to do and I really want to avoid having to hire someone or pay a troubleshooting fee.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You have to setup your WRT54GS as an access point. The default IP Address of your DSL Modem/Router is the same as your WRT54GS so you should change it. With your WRT54GS not connected to your DSL Modem/Router and your computer hardwired to one of the ethernet ports of your WRT54GS log on to your WRT54GS, by typing in Change the setting of your WAN port to DHCP, the IP Address of your WRT54GS to and disable your DHCP server and save your setting. You will be disconnected from your WRT54GS at this point. Power down your WRT54GS and connect the WRT54GS from port one to one of the ports of your DSL Modem/Router and power it up. You should be able to logon to your WRT54GS by typing the IP Addres Your wired NIC connected to the WRT54GS should be assigned a IP addres by the DHCP server on your DSL Modem/Router. Cahge the password on your WRT54G to something other tha admin and save your setting. You will be disconnected and prompted for your new password. Go to the wireless tab on your and click it. You should set the wireless to G only if you are not connecting any 802.11B devices wirelessly, and change the SSID to something other than linksys and save your setting. Leave the broadcast of your SSID on as enable. Click ont e wirelss security tab and enable some for of encryption at least WEP and use atleast 128 bit. You can enter a passphase and use the first key generated and save your setting. Click the setting tab, and click the advanced routing. Disable the NAT mode and save your setting. You do not want double NAT. If you run into n issue you cna rest your WRT54GS to default setting and start over again. You and move the WRT54GS to the warehouse and connect an ethernet cable from any port of your DSL modem/router to port one of your WRT54GS. Mount the WRT54GS as high as possible The maximum length of a segment of ethernet cable is 100 meters or about 104 yards. Try to avoid sharp bends in your ethernet cable and not to run it near power lines.
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