HELP! Old router connects, New router disconnects

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by JuryDuty, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. JuryDuty

    JuryDuty Network Guru Member

    My new Linksys WRT54G router keeps disconnecting from the Internet (PPPoE connection). Sometimes it even happens when I'm actively surfing or downloading. There seems to be no pattern. Resetting or messing with the cables won't bring my connection back, though after a while (hours), it returns.

    The kicker is, the only way I can get my connection back right away is by unplugging my ethernet cable and putting it into my old router. The WAN signal lights up, then I plug back into my WRT54G and everything is fine.

    Anyone know what's happening?

    PS Latest firmware is installed.
  2. blackomegax

    blackomegax Network Guru Member

    you dont have bellsouth DSL do you?
    same stuff happens to me.
    i'd say move to comcast, if i didnt hate them too :)
  3. flavorself

    flavorself Guest

    If your PC is running WinXP then you could try disabling the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration service.

    For those that don't know this can be found...

    goto bottom of list
    right click Windows Zero Configuration
    General tab
    Startup properties set to disabled
  4. WTS

    WTS Network Guru Member

    Have you reset the router back to factory defaults and tried again? What firmware version are you using, is it linksys or third party?

  5. JuryDuty

    JuryDuty Network Guru Member

    Well, I've done all these suggestions, I've set the firmware back to default, used the latest firmware, tried ALL the different third party firmwares, taken it back and replaced it with another and even bought a Belkin router to see if another brand would work.

    They ALL keep doing this same thing. They intermittently lose my signal for no reason, and the only way to get it back is to unplug my ethernet cable and then plug it back in. Weird, huh?
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