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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by PhilL, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. PhilL

    PhilL Network Guru Member

    Hi! I've been having problems with EFG120, and wanted to find out if others were experiencing the same thing. In short, I've received from Linksys just before Christmas an EFG120 as a replacement for an EFG80 which had become quirky. Unfortunately, after a couple of days of using it, I turned it off but could not turn it back on afterwards. Every time I pressed on the on button, it would come to life for only a fraction of a second, and it would then turn off. Linksys cross-shipped me a replacement EFG120 for the one which didn't work anymore, and this one had the same on/off problem (although not quite as severe as it could be turned on again if I waited a couple of minutes), however the hard disk itself appeared to turn itself off during large data transfers. In this instance, the EFG appeared to still work properly as I could access its management function through a browser, but the hard disk was tagged as "uninstalled", and even its front panel LED was off. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there a design issue with these units, or is it only a batch problem (both EFG120s Linksys sent me were only a couple of hundreds apart in serial numbers...)


  2. HPS2

    HPS2 Network Guru Member

    Strange - I haven't had that problem, but mine wont "wake up" if I use the sleep/wakeup option using the latest firmware. Your problem is definitely odd - I'll ask a couple of friends who also have the EFG120 and see if they have experienced what you describe.
  3. t3kops

    t3kops Network Guru Member

    Do you have it connected to a printer? I went crazy when I first got my 120. I have a ver 1. It seems that if I have the HL-5140 Laser printer turned on, the device wont boot. Turn the printer off.... and no problem at all. Go figure, I guess the printer draws to much juice somehow through the cable if its on.

    Just turn your printer off and you should be good to go.
  4. h00ligan

    h00ligan Guest

    same issue

    I had an efg120 v/2 shipped to me to replace a defective efg80 - and it did the same thing. I removed the power cord and let it cycle out, then was VERY aware you have to hold the button in for a second. I know it sounds rediculous but it takes a long-ish button press compared to teh efg80 switch flip.

    when you repeatedly press the power button it goes crazy and needs to be removed for a few mins.

    Try that, honestly.
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