help please have 2 wrt54g ver 4 need to connect them wirel..

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by austinsec, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. austinsec

    austinsec Network Guru Member

    Here I go, I have two wrt54g ver 4 with the new Hyperwrt 2.1b1 tofu 11, I need to have this setup cable modem wired to wrt54g then wireless to the other wrt54g then second wrt54g wirelessly connect to laptop. I need one wrt54g to send internet connection to the second so that I can connect wirelessly to the internet by laptop.

    please help.

    my email is
  2. virgil

    virgil Network Guru Member

    So what you want is something like this:

    [WRT54G_1] - wireless - [WRT54G_2] - wireless - [Laptop]

    IP's: _ _ _ _ _ _ _192.168.1.2

    Do you want WRT54G_2 to act as an extender because your Laptop is outside the range of the broadband router WRT54G_1 ?

    I used HyperWRT tofu 10.

    1. Configure WRT54G_1 as you normally would, and then:
    2. Set Wireless mode to WDS-AP
    3. Enter the wireless MAC address of WRT54G_2 under remote bridge. Look under Status -> Wireless of the OTHER router.

    4. In WRT54G_2 you would disable internet connection and DHCP and set the LAN gateway for
    5. Configure WRT54G_2 with same wireless settings as WRT54G_1 except that you would enter the wireless MAC address of WRT54G_1 under remote bridge

  3. austinsec

    austinsec Network Guru Member

    I did this I can get into the network but no internet? Using the laptop.
    I cant understand why.
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