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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Faith, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Faith

    Faith Guest

    ok:noway: i set up another machine with new and old parts (was my daughters but she living in Hawaii right now) yesterday Pickle and me flew on Com.Central server sunday flight) my comp went to black screen three times. game crashed have a linksys cable router with 4 port switch BEFSR41
    today Pickles Machine wouldnt connect to CC server and i could see him come in and out. and when he hosted a game i could not join said full. i host it and he could joinand we flew for an hour.
    he had to set port to 23455 insead of default of 23456 yesterday to get in no help today eather way today
    if someone has a clue let me know how to fix it let me know.
    both machines get to internet fine if i fire up mine first. Please help me guys this is driving me to use cuss words lol and im a woman :mad: thank you!!! :tongue: Faith

    this is CC site I use!!!
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