Help please! What firmware should i use?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kozmos241, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    i am owner of wag54g my model is for german market and dsl over ISDN (i am not 100% shure but i do have isdn and there is spliter at the end of ISDN line one to dsl modem/router and one to isdn phone)

    Router was working fine with firmware that i got initial installed but i wonted to fix some issues and i have went to upgrade firmware (that was 5-6 months ago, maybee more) and in that moment i wonted to kill my self. None of downloaded firmware didnt wont to connect to my provider. After 5-6h i got this version to work Firmware Version: 1.01.7, after that i have left the router under the glass bell and didnt wont to mess with it.

    Anyway shit oads of stuf are toaly strange, frequent disconects from internet and router status says its connected but no data can be retrived (2-7 times a day i dont know the couse) single port forwarding is not working i think, wireless is ok but here and there it stops responding and router shutdown7restart is needed.

    I wont to setup some normal firmware with less errors but which one to use?

    I saw that Service Name field in router configuration needs to be empty? is tahat true or fals?

    Is there anything crucial that i need to know before upgrading, when i find out the good firmware?

    Thank you for your replyes and if any matters are already somewhere discussed post me a link.

    thank you
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