HELP!! Please with my WAP54G v.2

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by biggiek, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. biggiek

    biggiek Network Guru Member

    Need help bad...

    I just uploaded the Mustdie to my WAP54G v.2 and now all I get is the power and the link light on no ACT light, I tried both setup wizards and no luck finding it. I hit the reset for 15, 30, 60 seconds and still no good. I have the WAP54G v.2 hooked thru a Befsr41.

    I new to all this so please bare with me. Thanks for any help….
  2. biggiek

    biggiek Network Guru Member

    I Fixed It!!!

    I fixed it!!!

    I connected the WAP54G v.2 direct to my lap top and changed my static ip address to, then in dos I typed: (tftp -i PUT c:\place_where_your_file_is\MustDie_2.07_r1.trx) With out the quotation marks…

    Then I reset the WAP54G v.2 by holding down the reset button until the lights blinked. Now I have all lights on and plugged it back into my net work and every this is working…
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