Help: Port forwarding with CoovaAP firmware. Confused....

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by leesiulung, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. leesiulung

    leesiulung LI Guru Member

    I'm using Coova firmware version 1.0 beta.7d (

    I wanted to setup port forwarding for remote desktop and a little confused about the terminology used on this firmware. Here are the settings:

    ***Firewall Rule***

    Forward To: (my internal computer IP)
    Port: 3389 (port for remote desktop)

    The result is:

    Everything 3389

    I tried accessing this by going through the WAN port IP and it didn't work. I tried other various settings such as:

    Destination Port: 3389 (straight passthrough)
    Destination IP: My WAN IP

    Still didn't work. I'm assuming the following terminology:

    Source IP/Port: Client computer trying to access remote desktop
    Destination IP/Port: Router IP on the WAN port
    Target IP/Port: The internal NAT'ed computer I'm trying to access with remote desktop.

    Any suggestions? This seems like a straight forward process.
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