Help! recovered WRTSL54G with wrong CFE

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by moz99, Aug 25, 2006.

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    First post to linksysinfo.

    A combo of different firmwares later I bricked the router (WRTSL54GS). Using the HairyDairy debricker modded from someone to be v4.6 I managed to recover the box with a CFE from a WRT54G. All default nvram settings now defaulting to that of the old WRT54G. I would like to change the defaults.

    Where can I get/make a CFE for the WRTSL54GS and find an original cfe.txt that I can mod to add the correct MAC addresses?

    Thanks in advance,



    Info for searchers: To get the debricker to work, I had to cold boot the WRTSL54GS, run debricker, run again and run again. It always works the 3rd time after a cold boot. It gets a little further each time with the reset stuff then runs perfectly doing the data load.

    Tested by using -backup:cfe twice and md5sum the files to ensure identical.
  2. moz99

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    WRTSL54GS CFE: Fixed it now!

    I grabbed the CFE from the router (it is working ok)

    dd if=/dev/mtdblock/0 of=/tmp/cfeold.bin

    and grabbed the old (corrupted) CFE which I had downloaded over the JTAG cable. I extracted the settings from that using dd skip=4122 |strings
    edited it to put in the settings from my original flash.

    used nvserial to reassemble it.

    used hexedit and looked for the mac address ascii string in the file (somewhere after the nvram stuff. Edited to be the lan address on the router sticker.

    copied it up to the router using

    cat cfe_new.bin | ssh -l root cat > /tmp/cfe.bin

    mtd unlock pmon (don't know if this does anything but...)


    mtd write -f /tmp/cfe.bin pmon but it did not work on openwrt on this box

    read it back with dd, it had not changed


    dd if=/tmp/cfe.bin of=/dev/mtdblock/0

    read it back

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