Help! RV042 with x2 AG300 Modems...

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by tecsol, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. tecsol

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    I am installing a RV042 router and are trying to set it up with x2 ADSL modems (AG300) with PPPoA connections - Dual WAN Mode.

    I do not want to do double NAT (must have remote VPN functionality once setup). I believe I need to set the AG300's in some sort of bridge mode (???) and then set the WAN1 and WAN2 on the RV042 to connect to the ADSL lines. But the RV042 WANs have only PPPoE option and not PPPoA! I tried it, thinking from what I had read elsewhere that it would work... but it didnt :(


    1) Should the PPPoE option work with a correctly bridged AG300 despite the ISP requiring PPPoA?

    2) What specific bridge mode do the AG300's need to be in? there is only one PPPoA option and it is not a bridge option!

    3) Any specific settings on the RV042 side, aside from standard? WAN settings: PPPoE, Static? Gateway or Router mode?

    Sorry, this is the first time I have been requested to do a DUAL WAN with a RV042 - normally I stick with "all-in-one" units. Help!

  2. mstombs

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    1) No you cannot use PPPoE and full-bridge mode modems if your ISP is PPPoA only. There's a lot of duff info around about this - UK BT used to unofficially support PPPoE in addition to PPPoA. There's a couple of modems that will convert PPPoA to PPPoE (Draytek Vigor, and some SpeedTouch via CLI commands).

    2) You need a "Half-Bridge" mode, which google suggests the AG300 doesn't have, so guess only option is NAT plus DMZ

    3) Half-Bridge modems usually just require router WAN port in auto-dhcp mode, but some routers have trouble interpreting strange IP/Netmask and Gateway settings a half-bridge modem gives.
  3. tecsol

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    NAT plus DMZ

    Thank you for clarifying this info. That will save a lot of time and frustration. If anyone knows for certain whether the AG300 will do half bridge mode that would be appreciated...

    NAT + DMZ:
    I gather that you config the AG300's as PPPoA modems with NAT and setup a DMZ to forward all traffic to the router? I have not done this before. What router config needs to be done on the RV042 to allow the following services to work:
    - VPN access (Gateway to Gateway; Client to Gateway)
    - Dual WAN's - Dual AG300s with DMZ's?

    Thinking... I am unsure what the IP addressing will be like??
    AG300 - (WAN1) to DMZ on RV042 (WAN1)?
    AG300 - (WAN2) to DMZ on RV042 (WAN2)?
    Do I keep the IP on the RV042 LAN side as well? How do I route data from the LAN through the WAN? What is the gateway, the RV042? What mode is the RV042 in - do I set Static Routes (never done before)? Help!

    If someone could please provide a brief explanation of NAT + DMZ via the RV042 it would be appreciated... please :confused:
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