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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Bill_S, Apr 10, 2008.

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    I could use someone’s help in setting up QOS on my WRT54GL running Tomato Firmware v1.17.1385. I am setting this up on my router that is located in Brazil and uses a DSL connection that they say has a download speed of 1000 Kbps and upload of 512 Kbps. In reality it is more like 825 Kbps down and 380 Kbps up, on a good day.

    I want to give priority to my VOIP device, so that when it is being used, it would receive the highest allocation of bandwidth. When someone is using the VOIP device we may be browsing and also downloading a file from a website in addition to receiving a file via BitTorrent.

    I have multiple PC’s on my network but only one VOIP all of the devices are assigned static IP address with the exception of occasional visitor’s laptops that use DHCP assigned address.
    I think I want to setup the priorities as in this order:
    1) VOIP Device
    2) Browser
    3) Non BitTorrent Downloads
    4) BitTorrent Downloads
    Do I need to give each a priority? Are there any services I need to assign priorities too? I know I can assign the VOIP device by using either its IP address or MAC address but how would I assign the other priorities to the other devices?

    Is there a simpler way to do this?

    What about the settings listed:
    Enable QoS, Prioritize ACK, Prioritize ICMP, Strict Rule Ordering, Reset Classification When Making Changes, Default Class, Maximum Bandwith along with all the others.

    How should they be set or should I leave them at the default settings?

    Thanks very much
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