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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dewdman42, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. dewdman42

    dewdman42 Network Guru Member

    I am trying to pull a linksys out that I haven't used in a long time to set it up as a wireless bridge of some sort to extend my home network to the living room and provide net access to my various media devices. I had previously used this linksys WRT54GL in the past this way with hyperwrt thibor.

    But now I am using a new main router at home, netgear WNDR4000 wireless router. I have been trying everything I can think of but I can't seem to get anything working. Can anyone help me configure these two boxes to work in concert correctly? I don't know if I need a WDS setup or wireless bridge. I just have a few wired devices in the living room that I want to connect up wirelessly to the netgear wireless router. The Netgear has a wireless repeating "basestation" feature, which its not entirely clear to me whether this is WDS or wireless bridge, well I'm a little confused on all the terms anyway.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. anony_mos_1

    anony_mos_1 Serious Server Member

    I haven't used the hyperwrt firmware, but I used the same router for the longest time as a wireless bridge with DD-WRT. What I did was configured the router with a static IP that wasn't in the DHCP range of address so there wouldn't be any conflicts and make sure DHCP is disabled on the bridge router, and then on the wireless settings put in the Network SSID and security information and apply. I was able to use it as a bridge for a few devices without any issues and it was stable for me.
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