HELP* The setup GUI of my new WRT54G V5 is Spanish

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by myttf, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. myttf

    myttf Guest

    I just purchased the WRT54G V5 from Fry' After the setup wizard, I type The web based setup page shows up is SPANISH! I don't read Spanish. I can't do further setup. I ask Linksys support, the answer is

    "I understand that your router has a Spanish language instead of English. It is true that it depends on the place where you bought the router. Since you bought it in USA, you should have English language. If the router can still be returned to the store or can be shipped back to, you may need to ask them to replace it"

    Fry' customer service told me that I can get the return postage reimbursement only if the thing I purchase has defect. They think this condition isn't defect.
    Do I need to waste my time in the long line of Christmas gift mailing in post office and pay the postage to ship it back to Fry' or anyone can help with this problem? Thanks!

  2. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    Maybe download the latest firmware for your router from and flash it. Search for images of the linksys setup screens so you can navigate to the firmware upgrade screen.

    I believe the firmware upgrade screen can be gotten to if you click the second link from the right on the black bar (this is Administration), then when that page loads, click the second link from the right on the blue bar (this is Firmware Upgrade). You should see a textbox and a button that browses your hard drive.
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