help to analyze problem with a WRT54GL 1.1

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by cintra, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. cintra

    cintra LI Guru Member

    Hei all

    I have two WRT54GL 1.1's with f/w v4.30.7 (one is simply a shelf spare), and have been troubleshooting an OSX iChat error 8.

    The problem was traced to one of these routers. I believed them both to have identical setup, but clearly something is causing my problem. I would like to find out precisely what, and would appreciate your ideas ;-)

    Does it make sense to do a comparison of the cfg files from each router's backup? If so what should I use to view the cfg files? (preferably in OSX, but I have XP, and Linux if needs be)

  2. rakeshjmd

    rakeshjmd LI Guru Member

    please check what r the port no. to be forwarded on linksys router for your OSX ICHAT
  3. cintra

    cintra LI Guru Member

    Hei and thanks for your reply

    The iMac firewall is turned off, and I'm using upnp on the router. Visually the settings are identical on both routers.. thats why I thought of looking into the cfg files.


    Edit: I tried looking at the 'bad' cfg file with notepad, but that clearly isn't going to get me far.. anyone at linksysinfo care to compare the two cfg files? They are available at speedyshare for a linksysinfo rep.

    Edit2: I ended up restoring the cfg file from the 'good' WRT54GL to the failing one, and that now works perfectly with iChat, as well as making SIP AV connections using Counterpath's Eyebeam for OSX and X-Lite v3 for XP.
  4. efbatey

    efbatey Guest

    Neither 54G or 54GL permitting Asterisk from X-Lite 2.0

    My old 54G refused and new WRT54GL (Lsys F/w V.4..) .. Skype passes thru the WRT54G* and in/out the Netscreens. X-Lite (for Mac OS X, v2.0) reports either 404 or 408 can not connect in X-Lite logs.

    AM I Sadly Out of Luck with stock Linksys Firmware .. my OSX Mac and X-Lite work fine on outside of the WRT54G/GL.
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