HELP turn WRT54G into a Bridge..... also a WRE54G question

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mikesprague, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. mikesprague

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    OK, here is the deal, we had a WRT54G (with bigger Antennas) as our Router in our Church office. We recently built a new building, and the signal could not reach. We switched to a BELKIN PRE-N router, and that gets out there fine.

    Now, over in a different part of the building we have a WRE54G (Expander), but I can't get it to connect to the Belkin....

    SO I have two different questions... I realize these may be posted somewhere on these boards, but I can't find exactly what I need....

    FIRST - I have been told you can turn the WRT54G into a sort of Bridge or WET, I was told go get HyperWRT with TOFU - did that, and I see the option, but I still can not get it to connect to the router (that is connected to the internet) WIRELESSLY.

    What I need is someone to walk me through the steps in making the WRT54G (with Hyper and TOFU) into this bridge (or whatever it is I need to make it) so that I can have it in a different room, allow a WIFI Signal to be broadcats in the room for anyone needing it, and at the same time connect computers to it via Ethernet - ALL being able to thus connect to the Internet through it.

    Hope that made sense... I'm sure it is not as hard as it has been, but I am missing some step somewhere...

    SECOND - does anyone know how to get the WRE54G Range Expander to connect to a BELKIN Pre-N router?

    Thanks so much to the patient person(s) with the knowledge

  2. svg1

    svg1 Network Guru Member

    The wrt54g does support wireless distribution system (WDS) with 3rd party firmware such as tofu .

    This however will not help you connect it wirelessly to the pre-n . The belkin 8230 does not support WDS .

    You will not get the belkin to connect wirelessly to the wrt or wre . Version 3.1 & below wrt54g will connect to the wre54g wirelessly with the original linksys firmware .

    If you are already running tofu on the wrt , you can increase the tx power & connect the wre to it wirelessly & you may get the coverage you need .

    Otherwise your looking at running cat5e from the belkins lan port to the wrt's lan port then connecting the wre wirelessly to the wrt .
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