Help! VLAN on SLM224G Smart Switch

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tiny969, May 14, 2009.

  1. tiny969

    tiny969 Addicted to LI Member

    hi, i'm new to this forum and hope that somebody can help me to solve a problem i have with a slm224g switch.

    first of all, i have a router with a DMZ and LAN interface. what i like to have: 2 vlans on the switch.
    vlan 1 = DMZ: ports e1-6, g1 > router DMZ
    vlan 2 = MGMT: ports e19-24, g2 > router LAN

    what i've tried so far:
    - created the 2 vlans: vlanid 2 (DMZ) & 3 (MGMT)
    - port settings: e1-6 frametype ALL, pvid 2; e19-24 ft ALL, pvid 3; other ports left default; g1 pvid 2, g2 pvid 3
    - port to vlan: DMZ e1-6 tagged, MGMT e9-24 tagged, other ports excluded; DMZ g1 tagged, MGMT g2 tagged

    before i tried to setup vlans, computers were able to comunicate with the internet and vice versa (public ip's). also pings worked.
    problem: with vlans nothing works. what is the problem here?!

    thanks a lot!
  2. tiny969

    tiny969 Addicted to LI Member

    doesn't anybody have a clue? i'm really close to pull up my roots...

    an easy way to solve this is to use a second switch, but the slm224g does definitely support VLANs... and i really want to use it!!!

    thx a lot!!!
  3. tiny969

    tiny969 Addicted to LI Member

    hi once again, somehow i have the feeling nobody has an idea... meanwhile i played around a little bit...

    vlan 2 (DMZ) and vlan 3 (LAN) are connected to the router (pfsense) via uplinks g1 (LAN) and g2 (DMZ). no physically interchanging! at "ports to vlan" i've added e1-6 & g1 to vlan 3 and e19-24 & g2 to vlan 2, all untagged, other ports excluded.

    obviously a request to a public ip in the DMZ is forwarded by the router to DMZ vlan and to the public ip nic of the server. the response should go the other way round in my opinion, but it's not. response goes over LAN vlan & uplink to the LAN port of the router (get arp errors here).

    i have no ideas anymore what to try...
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