help w/ disk to disk backup - and browsing performance

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by dabramov, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. dabramov

    dabramov Network Guru Member

    After being so excited about the NSLU2 and being a perfect little device, some of my enthusiasm is (sadly) being replaced by frustration. I've be completely unable to get the disk to disk backup feature to work. Also, I've found the time to browse directories to horrendous. Since linksys tech support seems to approximate spitting into a well, I'm hoping the kind folks here might have some insight.

    I'm using a the stock R63 firmware. I have two WD 250 GB disks w/ noname enclosures, both (until recently) formatted as FAT32.

    The first, and most critical issue (since this was supposed to be firstly a backup solution) is that I cannot enable the disk-to-disk backup solution. When I check enable and then click "Save" I always get a message, "Warning: No enough (sic)
    HDD ready. Drive Backup function cannot be enabled." Since I know there are limitations w/ groups and shares w/ FAT32 I (just) tried reformatting drive 1 as ext3, but with the same results.

    Secondly, the performance browsing directories is pretty awful. I did a packet capture when I tried to double click (Win XP) on a directory w/ 157 folders (a good number, but not out of hand I think) and I see a 28 second gap between the request to list the directory from my PC and when the NSLU2 starts sending back data. Is this just to be expected or is something funny going on? Might things be better is I go to Unslung?

    Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Doug_B

    Doug_B Network Guru Member

    I have my unit backing up Disk 1 to Disk 2 successfully - both disks are formatted as Ext3.

  3. dabramov

    dabramov Network Guru Member

    Formatting Disk 2 now - we'll see if that matters.
  4. dabramov

    dabramov Network Guru Member

    Formatting both with ext3 did it. I think browsing performance is better too. I guess the moral of the story is that FAT32 support is really patched on and not ready for prime time. And that linksys documentation/support is just as weak.
  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    None of the advanced operations of the NSLU2 such as shares, security, PW's, etc. work for FAT32 disks. This includes disk to disk backups. That said, FAT32 read/writes and FTP accesses of FAT32 drives on the NSLU2 in my experience have been extremely reliable.

    That is not the case for use of the NSLU2 with NTFS drives! Now NTFS support can REALLY be said to be patched on!
  6. dabramov

    dabramov Network Guru Member

    Thanks. Nice of them to document that kind of thing. I actually started out w/ NTFS, but quickly gave up on that when I realized it was only supported on one port.

    So the backup appears to be successfully copying the files from disk 1 to disk 2 (17 GB in 2 minutes!). However, after the backup is done, I lose access to the share on disk 2. The NSLU2 still shows a disk plugged into port 2, but the share is not available. I need to power off unplug/plug the disk back in to see if the backup is actually working. Someone please tell me this is a bug and not a feature!

  7. ajnodine

    ajnodine Network Guru Member

    Your rite after backup you can not use drive 2 for anything but backup. Turn off the unit unplug disk 1 than plug disk 2 into the disk 1 port and your will see that it will work as if it was disk 1. It save all the folder settings and so on.... It is a waste of space but if you want a good backup it works great!!! I've been using it like that for months and it works....
    Also leave the format as EXT 3 it works the best....

    Think Ronco........set it and forget it
  8. Doug_B

    Doug_B Network Guru Member

    Agree on the Disk 2 limitations while disk-to-disk backup is active. The unit should at least support read access to Disk 2 while in backup mode to make it easier to verify what's on the disk.

  9. ajnodine

    ajnodine Network Guru Member

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