Help with 2 Xbox 360 and WRT54G router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Permacode, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Permacode

    Permacode Addicted to LI Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Need some help from the group. I have 2 Xbox 360 units that are in different rooms and I’m trying to get both of them hooked up to play Xbox live. I also have a laptop that needs to go into the network.

    I have a Linksys WRT54G ver 6 hooked up to the cable modem. I have 1 Xbox 360 there and can hard wire that unit. The other Xbox 360 is in the other room and need to connect this wireless to the network. I even purchased a Xbox live compatible router, this one is a WRT54G ver 2, with supported firmware 3.01.3. I tried port range trigger on the ver 6 router, but the NAT switches between moderate and open on both Xbox 360’s. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    Linksys firmware does not support repeater or WDS. You need to upgrade to DD-WRT or Tomato on the ver 2. On the ver 6 you will have to upgrade to DD-WRT. This is the only way to get them to communicate wirelessly. With the ver 6 you risk bricking the router due to the 2 MB flash chip and VXWorks installed at Linksys. But when you do get your routers setup with 3rd party firmware I recommend using WDS. I had my Buffalo wired to the modem and my WRT54G ver 3 wired to my sons xbox, I used the WDS configuration with WPA2 + AES. Awesome performance is all I have to say.
  3. Permacode

    Permacode Addicted to LI Member

    What about a wired connection cascading the routers?
  4. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    You can do that with Linksys firmware. You have to disable DHCP and NAT on router number 2. Give router 1 an IP and for router 2, Then connect a cat 5 cable from a LAN port on router 1 to a LAN port on router 2. This would be an excellent setup being that you get full speed
  5. cmateo

    cmateo Guest

    Hey need some help also

    Heres the problem

    Okay first i have two 360s hooked up to my router (WRT54GS v 7.2) and also my desktop computer.

    I can play both 360s online for like 10-15 mins then get disconnected..I can play fine with just one console online..but when we play with both consoles online we get that is there any soultion to this problem thanks

  6. Permacode

    Permacode Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks Mastec for the info. When I hook the routers up, I presume the Xbox 360 get connected to the second router and manually assign the ip address. Do I have to do anything else with the router that is hosting the internet connection? Cascading routers is new to me, sorry if I'm asking too many questions!
  7. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    All you have to do is hookup a 360 to router B making sure DHCP is disabled. DHCP will be handled by router A, the host router.

    Here is an example

    Router A
    DHCP (enabled)
    NAT (enabled)
    Just set the router up as if it's the only router in your network

    Router B
    DHCP (disabled)
    NAT (disabled)
  8. xjulzkx

    xjulzkx Addicted to LI Member

    Here's the other thing you can do, which is what I setup for my boys.

    If one of your Xbox 360's is hooked up via wired, good. As for the second one....

    Take your laptop to your second Xbox 360. On your laptop, in network connections, right click your wireless network connection, go to properties, and share the wireless connection to other network connections on your laptop. Then, plug an ethernet cable from your laptop's ethernet port to your second Xbox 360. Now you can play on Xbox live via your Laptop's wireless connection to your router.

    That's what I setup for my two boys a while back, but now I no longer require it as I have routers with custom firmware on them which are all linked together. I'm sure this is what you want to do, but until you get your routers talking to one another, you can use the suggestion above :)

    Also, for Xbox Live to "work" correctly. You may want to setup Port Forwarding on your modem/routers. The ports you should open for your Xbox 360 are:

    • UDP 88
    • UDP 3074
    • TCP 3074
  9. levelup3

    levelup3 Addicted to LI Member

    I have the same problem and now it has been sorted!
  10. Permacode

    Permacode Addicted to LI Member

    levelup3, What did you do to "sort" the problem to get it to work?
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