Help with Asus Wl-520gu( I know not a linksys router but i am confused!)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wpix, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I know this is not a linksys device/ but this is a tomato forum and i am totally confused.
    I am a long time pc enthusiast and I need some help with a router.

    I previously had a Buffallo WHR-HP-G54 router with tomato and i gave it away as someone needed it, and I purchased yesterday the 520gu(instead of one with N as the RT-n16 is a little out of my price range atm) from a certain website(rhymes with guy dot com) for$25 bucks after rebate plus tax.

    My question is which version of Tomato do i use on it?

    I am debating between DD-WRT/Tomato, as i have heard dd-wrt sometimes is iffy.

    The main features I want are Harddrive Usb Support/ and how to install the optware package(which runs on both dd-wrt/tomato(and i would rather use tomato for stability) for newsgroups(nzbget) simply (and instructions how to use it).

    I found the following files for tomato and dont want to max out the memory of the router to install optware packages:
    1. Tomato-1.28.8520_RAF-USB-VPN.trx from which supposedly has a lot of featues i want.
    2. referred me to tomatousb where i got the following files.( I read the router has 3.7mb of ram free/4mb flash)
    dd-wrt.v24_mini_asus.trx(initial flash)

    I know i am supposed to use the usb version but unsure which one works better.

    Basically in the end i want the following:
    1.SSH server set up ( i have done this previously before, but i want it to be web accessible so i assume i have to set up opendns/dyndns but doesn't that leave my router/home pc's more open to attack?)
    2.HD through USB(drive is formatted to fat32)
    3.Optware for nzbget or a good newsgroup optware and simple instructions how to use it( I found this article :

    Sorry for the long email, but i dont want to install the wrong firmware and kaybosh the whole thing.

    Thanks in advance,
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