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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Sreedha, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Sreedha

    Sreedha Reformed Router Member

    Hi, I am having some trouble setting up the easytomato with two routers. I have two router in two subnets. The Tomato router (router 2 in GW mode) is connected to the lan port on router 1 in different subnet. I can access all computer in router 1 subnet from router 2 devices. But not the reverse. I tried to set up tomato router to Router mode. However at that time internet access from all devices router 2 is not working. I am still not able to access the devices on router 2 from router 1 devices.

    Please help

  2. darkknight93

    darkknight93 Networkin' Nut Member

    You need to create a static route on router 1 pointing to router 2's internal subnet
    Otherwisepackets can not find any path behind router 2 ..

    Second internet access might be broken on router 2 due to wrong dns settings e.g.

    Try tracert from a device on router 2 s interface
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  3. Sreedha

    Sreedha Reformed Router Member

    Thanks for your quick reply. I would like to give more details as I am not able fig out what is the config mistake.
    First router, R1, (Router +DSL Modem) Router IP
    Second Router, R2, (Easytomato) Router IP
    R2 WAN port connected tp R1 LAN. R2 WAN IP (static)
    Route entry in R1 -> (LAN)
    Route entry in R2> (WAN)
    Route entry in R2> (LAN)
    There is a default route entry pointing to in R2 as well.
    The dns is configured for open dns and I did not make any change.
    AS you have said Dns is broken, but I am not able to understand why. Is there any change in Dns setting in GW and Router mode.?
    I can ping each routers GW IP from devices connected on the other Router (both way). But cannot ping any device ( either way).
    Am I missing something. Thanks

  4. Nabby

    Nabby Reformed Router Member

    If you're running two routers on the same LAN, you would find it easier to have them connected LAN port to LAN port, not LAN port to WAN port, then set a static IP for R2 and only run your DHCP on R1. I'm curious what your reason is behind having two different subnets if you want them to see each other anyway? Your single subnet can handle up to 255 devices, and you can for instance set your DHCP to assign IP's in the to range while using everything below for static IP's and have a lot of IP's to play with unless you're working with a huge office building.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  5. Sreedha

    Sreedha Reformed Router Member

    HI Nabby, Thanks for your reply. Yes I would prefer to have them in the same LAN.
    My problem is that R2 is the easytomato router through which I give access to others in the family and is centrally located for max wifi coverage and connectivity to living room network devices. Through R2 I can control policies for browsing including adult content blocking. R1 is my DSL router provided by the isp and in a different location where tel line exist. However my pc is connected at this R1 location which need access to devices connected on R2. If I use R1 DHCP, I cannot use the security features of R2.
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