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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by d9dd, Oct 29, 2007.

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    hello from Oregon,

    I've not done anything with voip yet, so pardon if I ask something 'obvious'...

    I'm working on extending a regular POTS line across a canyon.

    I have a pair of 900mhz ethernet bridge boxes (old Arlan 630 series).

    I'd been googling for POTS-over-ethernet or POTS-over-RS232 solutions, and noticed a few hits mentioning VOIP stuff. So I did a few hours of reading and research on VOIP; and got the happy feeling that the hardware I need is already in existence, and pretty reasonably priced as well.

    If I understand correctly, I could build my simple "wireless POTS extender" using an FXO and an FXS on either end of my wireless ethernet link; is that correct?

    The FXO connects to the phone-company analog POTS wires at the roadside, and it'll have a 10baseT connector for hooking it to one of the Arlan 900mhz boxes.

    Across the canyon at the cabin, I would need an FXS (to provide battery and ring voltages to 'recreate' a phone-co style RJ-11 POTS port) and that FXS again simply plugs into the ethernet port on the 2nd Arlan 900mhz box.


    1) Do I understand the function of FXO/FXS units right?

    2) Will the FXO and FXS talk to each other over a simple enet bridge, with no other devices or PC's on the network? (i.e., they are self-controlling? note; I do understand that I'll have to hook a laptop to them once, at install, to do the configs)

    3) Do all brands of FXO/FXS speak the same langauge over the enet-link? In other words, will a brand-x FXO hook up with a brand-y FXS without any trouble?

    4) Is the line-quality of fxo/fxs as good as a regular POTS line? In other words, it will run 56k modems fine? From what I've read, these fxo/fxs boxes use full 64kbps PCM (same as normal phone-co DS0 line quality).

    5) Which Linksys model #'s are best to use? I.e, cheapest, simplest, LOW POWER ?? Or does another brand offer better FXO/FXS for my app (e.g., lower power, cheaper, etc.)

    Note: The FXO side boxes must run from solar and battery. No AC power there...and since a PV/batt setup is expensive as hell per watt, I want to make sure I choose the FXO with the lowest power-consumption and one with good power-minimization during on-hook standby.

    6) Does a wireless FXO/FXS product already exist? Even wifi (2.4g) might work for this app; especially if the boxes had conns for external ants. The path is very close to LOS, and less than 1,000'.

    thanks much for any info and advice you guys can offer. :)
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