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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Cr0n_J0b, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Cr0n_J0b

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    I have a setup at my house with a WRT in the attic and a DSM-320 media lounge client in the first floor den. The attic WRT54G is running the stock firmware from Linksys v4.20 I think. so far the connection to the DSM has been horrible with lots of drop out and such. I would like to add a wired router or AP down there in WDS mode so my server can connect with ethernet and I can up the power between the two WDS points....The WRT54G in the attic is wired to another WRT54G in the office that connects to a Cable modem and the internet. (running DDWRT). My questions are:

    1) What is the best most cost effective HW solution for the 1st floor? Belkin, Linksys etc? what version?
    2) can I boost antenna power at both ends to get a better locked connection?
    3) is there a way to insure fast media streams?
    4) Should I just go for a new PRE-N router, since they are the future? and if so, what hardware and firmware are supported to do what I'm looking for do?

    Please feel free to make suggestions about my overall setup.

  2. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    dd-wrt -

    You have the choice of many differnet hardware including the WRT54G (all versions) GL, GS

    WDS works great and is wasy to setup. Client bridge is an option instead of the repeater (WDS).
  3. Cr0n_J0b

    Cr0n_J0b Network Guru Member


    thanks for the response, but I was looking for some more suggestions and personal experience. I know that I can use the WRT series, but are they the most cost effective? Are less expensive router going to do the trick for what I'm looking for? Should I just bump to the Pre-N? etc.

  4. Cr0n_J0b

    Cr0n_J0b Network Guru Member


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