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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by CKOD, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. CKOD

    CKOD Network Guru Member

    My college has a rather interesting setup for internet, we get an IP address by static DHCP via our mac addresses, that lets us get on the dorm network, if we want to get online, we have to connect to a VPN which lets us get online.

    The IP of the VPN server is the same as our public IP (according to

    I need help getting my WRT 54GS configured to connect to the vpn for me, that way I don't have to connect to the vpn myself on my computer. I need to know what to put in the fields for PPTP. The fields are "Internet IP address" "Subnet Mask" and "Gateway"

    The public IP and the IP of the vpn server that I put in for the windows wizard is
    The routers Wan is connected to my dorm ethernet jack, it gets and ip of, its default gateway is
    When I'm in the status for the vpn connection, the client IP is

    The subnet for the dorm is the usual
    Ive tried to put in a lot of combination of those IP's and most the time I get and error about the Internet IP address and Gateway being in different subnets.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    I'm fine for now, I just have to connect to the VPN through the router, but it would be nice to have the router connect to the vpn rather than having each client connect to it.

    EDIT: DD-WRT v22 r2 on the 54GS
  2. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    I think you need to switch to a 3rd party firmware that supports VPN clients, then use a DHCP as your WAN connection and set up the VPN client part of the firmware, but this is just a guess on my part. I don't think you can do what you want on the stock firmware.
  3. CKOD

    CKOD Network Guru Member

    I forgot to mention that... I'm using DD-WRT 22 r2

    So is the PPTP for the WAN port different than a VPN that uses PPTP?
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