Help with script for two gateways please!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Toastman, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Can anyone help with some comment on a problem I'm having?

    I have two gateways on a network, is the main gateway - this router also runs DHCP/DNS for the network. The second gateway is

    I use these scripts to split users between the gateways:

    dhcp-mac=red,00:1D:D9:E1:79:29 # Assigns this MAC to the "red" network
    dhcp-option=net:red, 3, #Assigns "red" network to the second gateway
    dhcp-option=net:red, 6, #Assigns "red's" DNS server to the second gateway

    This works fine. But I don't want a huge list of MAC's - so I want to split by IP using a range instead of the MAC's - to 150 should therefore use the second gateway.


    This works fine on one network using WRT54GL's. Even UPnP works OK on the two gateways.

    But it doesn't seem to work on another site which uses ASUS WL500gP v2's. The individual MAC's work, but the IP range does not. The same firmware Victek 1.23 v 8513 is used on all of the routers and the only difference seems to be the hardware.

    I really need this to work, and am really baffled. I'd be grateful if anyone can assist!

    EDIT: assigning by MAC address wildcard works.... this gives a way to split by common ethernet cards !

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