Help with setting up a Wired and Wireless Home Network

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by MsJess12, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. MsJess12

    MsJess12 Guest

    I actually have two issues that need resolved.
    My sister in law needed help because her Wireless Notebook would not stay connected to the internet for more than five minuets at a time. We went in to the Network Adapter Monitor page and under the connections, there wasn't anything and she couldn't refresh it. When she clicked the refresh button nothing happened, { I was trying to help her over the phone } She went ahead and clicked on "Quick Setup" and inadvertently knocked out her entire network, creating another issue to fix before continuing on with the problem at hand.

    First, what could be the problem with the wirless adapter for the notebook? What should the settings be on in order for the notebook to stay connected. She picks up other wireless access points but her own.

    Second, since I am not too familiar with notebooks and Linksys in general, where do I start when I go over there again. Should I rebuild her network {all of the original setting are gone for the wireless network} and how do I do that?

    She has one PC that is wired and connected directly to the Linksys router, she has another PC that is supposed to be connected wirelessly and the laptop which should be connected wirelessly. I will be going to her house later on today to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Yes just rebuild the wireless its much easier then trying to figure out what everything is. Use the wired pc to log into the router and start there:

    1)get the router ip from the wired machine (will be the default-gateway of the wired computer)

    2)go to web browser and input the default-gateway ip to log into to router

    3)input username and password when prompted ( if do not know reset the router and then use the default username and password)

    4)once logged in setup everything how you want including the wireless

    5)access the wireless card settings on the laptop, input everything the same as you did on the router and be sure to choose the option automatically connect when in range.

    At this point all should work well. Advice if you are going to be the one to have to work on this regularly. Use passwords and encryption passwords that you choose so you will remember and two, setup remote administration with a strong password so you can access the router remotely to look at problems.
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