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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by EliC, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. EliC

    EliC Network Guru Member

    I have spent the last two days trying to get my home network set up. I have been googling and reading like crazy but havent made much headway.

    I want to accomplish a few things:

    -share files via SMB to my xbox
    -share folders with other computers on the LAN for read/write access
    -Providing secure access to files remotely via the web
    -Setting up a secure explorer based web proxy (so I can log into my own proxy and use it to surf the web from a remote location) without modifing/installing anything on the remote computers (think anonymizer). Planning on SSL-Explorer for this.

    Any ideas on the best way to do this would be appreciated.

    My network consists of:

    Linksys WRT54G v4 w/ DD-WRT .23
    Primary Computer - WORKGROUP
    Xbox - XBMC

    Im running norton Internet Security on both systems and they are both XP Pro and simple file sharing is turned off.

    My SMB shares are working fine and my xbox has no problem seeing them.

    Im trying to map network drives on the mediaserver so I can access them from the primary computer and save files to them ect... However I cant see the mediaserver on the network. It has the same network name - WORKGROUP (when I get this going I think Ill have to switch to a domain as I want to set up SSL-Explorer).

    Ive finally got it to the point where I can see the shared folders/files. But despite giving write permissions Im getting "Access denied" errors when attempting to write to the shared folder.

    Also, while I can see the shared folders, I cant see any of the WORKGROUP computers when clicking on "view workgroup computers"

    Is there something I need to be doing on the router for the network setup? LMHOSTS? Anything else I could be missing? Im a complete network noob so please be patient.

    Do you know anything about SSL-Explorer? Reading through the literature on their site I cant tell if I need a domain, and frankly have no idea what that really means. Any tips before getting in deeper would be VERY much appreciated.
  2. AtillaThePun

    AtillaThePun Network Guru Member

    Disable Norton security on all systems, check the Windows firewall and disable it, too. If you can connect the issue is that you have the ports for Samba blocked. That's ports 137,138,139, TCP and UDP.

    You shouldn't need internal firewalls anyway, but if you do I highly recommend Tiny Personal Firewall which (last I checked) was free for personal use. It will notify you when an application wants to reach use the network and ask you to allow or restrict, this time or always, and numerous options like limit the destinations it can reach, etc.

    A domain is a centralized control of users and resources. You will need a server (Wind 2003, 2000, NT, or Linux) if you go that route.
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