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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Kyle Magnuson, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Kyle Magnuson

    Kyle Magnuson Networkin' Nut Member

    First time posting. I'm not computer/network savvy and hope someone can help solve a problem with Transmission BT and OpenVPN. The problem is that my browser cannot reliably connect to web sites when OpenVPN is running – it appears to be an issue with not finding the DNS servers. Here is my current two-router setup:

    Router 1- Main Router w/ OEM Firmware (no VPN) connects to the INTERNET
    WAN IP: Automatic / DHCP
    Router LAN IP:, Subnet Mask: 255.255.255..192, Gateway:, DHCP "enabled" DHCP range: 192.168..1.3-29, Static IPs for known devices assigned by router,
    Subnet, Gateway
    DNS Server:,, DMZ: 192..168.1.2, UPnP: "enabled"
    Static Route: routes to (Router 2)
    Port forwarding: (Transmission BT) 9091, 51515, (Router 2 OpenVPN) 1194, 10010, 10020 all set
    to (Router 2)
    WAN cable to modem, LAN cable to Router 2 (TomatoUSB)

    Router 2 fed by Router 1- VPN Router w/shibby v1.28 TomatoUSB-Transmission BT-OpenVPN
    WAN IP:, Subnet Mask:, Gateway:, DHCP “enabled”
    LAN IP:, Subnet Mask:, Gateway:
    DHCP Range:, Static IPs assigned by router for known devices,
    Subnet, Gateway
    DNS Server:,,, DMZ:
    Static Route: routes to
    Port forwarding: (Transmission BT) 9091, 51515, (Router 2 OpenVPN) 1194, 10010, 10020 all set
    Advanced Tab / Options: DHCP/DNS - “use internal”, “prevent DNS rebind”, “intercept port 53”,
    “user entered IP if WAN disabled”, DHCP Routes – “enabled”, NAT Loopback – “All”, UPnP: "enabled", NAT-PMP – “enabled”, Gateway / Router – set to “router”
    OpenVPN: Redirect Internet Traffic checked and set to, Accept DNS Configuration – “relaxed”, Advanced Tab script from VPN provider (setup includes, dev tap, random selection of the 3 ports forwarded by Router 1 with each set to a different VPN server, and a push to 2 DNS servers operated by the VPN provider)

    I’ve never used Tomato before but like it so far. Can someone help me run the Bittorrent with OpenVPN and still access web sites? So far it seems to be either Transmission BT works or web browsing (VPN works all the time) whenever I change settings. Right now I get a “can’t communicate with DNS server” error on sites that won’t open but others seem to work OK.. Transmission is working, as is the VPN. I assume the VPN is tunneling the DNS IP or something???

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