Help with wap11 2.8 client mode

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by RedLance, Dec 4, 2005.

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    I'm trying to set up a wap11 v2.8 as a client so I can have a Rio Receiver (mp3 player) out in my garage. I already have both a wap11 v1.1 and a SpeedStream 2524, serving as access points. I would love to get the wap11 v2.8 to talk to the SpeedStream, but if it has to talk to the other wap11, then so be it. As of now, I can't get it to accept the MAC address of the speedstream, and it dosen't seem to want to talk to the older wap11 either.

    I've got a wap11 v2.2 talking to a wap11 v2.6 at the other end of the block, to give my neighbor internet access. That bridge has been working well for almost a year. The garage is located such that I could also set up the 3 wap 11s in a point to multipoint bridge, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

    I already have all of this equipment, so I'd like to avoid advice to buy a WET11 or something like that.

    I saw a reference somewhere about getting the wap11 to accept a non linksys MAC address when setting it to ap client mode, but I never found out how to actually do it.

    Also, all of my wap 11's above version 2 have the 2.05 firmware. Is the something better I should be using? Do I need to upgrade the old v1.1 wap11, to some other firmware, to get the 2.8 to talk to it?

    Any ideas, thoughts are welcome.


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