Help with wireless signal on WHR-HP-54G

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by crash41, May 30, 2007.

  1. crash41

    crash41 LI Guru Member

    My signal went down after flashing tomato.

    Very basic set up. One PC upstairs with the buffalo router. I have a laptop directly below it (one floor down) that was getting 'excellent' signal at 54 mbps. Another desktop computer I was trying to help was getting only 'good' at 24 - 36 mbps. Before I got the buffalo router that second PC was stuck at 'low' @ 12 mbps. (so the high gain antenna definitely helps!)

    After reading about tomato I decided to try it. With all factory defaults - the laptop downstairs only gets 18-24 and my PC was getting 18 to 12.

    What settings do I need to play with? I'm not familiar enough with routers as to what all the settings do! I have it now set for only 'G', frame burst is enabled (whatever that is). Should I increase the transmit power? It's only at 10. Or does increasing that overheat the unit?

    Any beginner tips would be appreciated!! thanks
  2. dvd-guy

    dvd-guy Guest

    a transmit power of 10 enables the amplifier. Anything higher will disable it.
  3. fastpakr

    fastpakr Network Guru Member

    Where did you read that? I've not seen that before.
  4. crash41

    crash41 LI Guru Member

    I read that as well - so I originally didn't so it. And then I read posts of people bumping it up.

    I increased it to 84 - and now I get a great signal.

    But... will that damage the router at all? overheating or likewise?

  5. gingernut

    gingernut LI Guru Member

    I have mine at 40mW for 3 months and no problems so far.
    84mW is the max that people recommend some have gone alot higher but really seen no improvement past 84mW.
    I would say the lower the better but if you really need to leave it at 84mW just keep an eye on it.
  6. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    Only use as much as you need. Excess can reflect around and do more harm than good. I never need more than 20 or 25 on mine for a very strong output. 10 is a little bit too weak.
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