Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by silverwolf_320, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. silverwolf_320

    silverwolf_320 Network Guru Member

    Ok...I had my WRT54G set up like this......downstairs I had a Belkin hooked up to a dsl modem...up here I have a WRT54G..I want it to recieve wireless and send it to my Desktop here through A Ethernet Cable like a router not hooked up to a modem...any help.....I had it working before when I found a webpage on this site like a walkthrough...but lost the site.....I AM A NEWB AND NEED Assistance......plz help
  2. silverwolf_320

    silverwolf_320 Network Guru Member

    Point me in the right direction?...

    I had found a tutorial to set up my Router to recieve from the router downstairs...but it died and now that IU have it working I dont remember the settings.......It was a forum topic saved here on this site telling me everything I should do to set it up right , even had me install Alchemy firmwire......some1 plz help
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

  4. silverwolf_320

    silverwolf_320 Network Guru Member

    What I am trying to explain is that the Belkin Router I have downstairs I did not have to condigure for anything......I had to change alot of settings and install Alchemy onto my Linksys up stairs so It could give internet to my Xbox and my PC.........The Belkin is hooked up to my DSL router and the Linksys is hooked up upstairs where there is no phone line so I need to get my Linksys set up so it can act as a router to muy Xbox and my Desktop.......
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