Help with WRT54G_V8

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by GHOSTYAIRO, Jul 3, 2008.



    Hi, anyone can help me with this?
    I'm trying to find a 3rd party firmware compatible with WRT54G V8. Until now i did't knew about the different versions, so i was searching in the forum but i only saw firmware for versions up to 4.
    My question is, there is anyfirmware compatible with WRT54G WRT54G8?

    on the other hand if there isn't maybe someone know how to solve this problem: I need to configure/open/forward 20 diferent ports for 3 diferent computers 2 windows 1 mac.

    but i see that i have only 10 available portforward slots.

    What can i do to increase the slots?
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