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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kevinnku25, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. kevinnku25

    kevinnku25 Network Guru Member

    Ok, so heres the deal.

    I went out about 6 months ago and bought a second wrt 54g router so I could use WDS to get broadband to my xbox. Everything was working great untill yesterday when I caught my niece playing with the router she found behind the TV.. Yes she managed to restore the defaults via the button on the back.
    Here's the problem, I set this up about six months ago using the following tutorial:

    It is kind of incoherent since he mixes up which router he is working with in a couple of steps. I remember having problems and spending hours trying to figure out what was wrong the first time I got this to work , so I tried a second tutorial I found.

    Neither setup is working for me. I have tested both routers and they work find independent of each other. They just will not talk to each other wirelessly.
    My setup is as follows:

    both routers have firmware Alchemy-6.0-RC4 v3.01.3.8sv.

    [DSL Modem]-[wrt54g1]=========[wrt54g]-[xbox]
    What I have tried so far:

    I left wrt54g1 alone as it was working fine before so I saw no need to change it.

    I changed the ipaddress on wrt54g2 to, I also tried (from the 1st tutorial)

    I set wrt54g2 to use the same encryption (i have checked this about a million times so everything is exactly the same as it is on wrt54g1)

    I enabled mac filtering on wrt54g2 and added both router mac addresses

    I added wrt54g1's mac to the wds table using the LAN setting

    I have made sure to disable the firewall including clearing the block anonymous requests check box.

    Nothing was working so I went back to the drawing board, reset both routherss to factory defaults. went through the tutorials again and still no luck.

    If anyone can help I will really apprecialte it. Thanks in advance.
  2. DeQuosaek

    DeQuosaek Network Guru Member

    I am in the same boat except this is my first time doing this setup. I bought 2 WRT54GS v2 routers so I could use one (Main) to connect my 2 PCs to the internet with wires and use the other (Bridge) to connect several devices in my living room (TiVo & XBox) to my network without wires.

    I followed all the tutorials I could find and flashed the firmware with the DD-WRT #22 (PreFinal3.2) and set up the WDS settings it appears that I need, but when I get everything hooked up and I fire up the router with the XBox and TiVo, the TiVo says it doesn't have a DHCP server and the XBox has no IP address. The way I thought it was supposed to work is the router they are connected to (named Bridge) gets the DHCP addresses from the other router (named Main) and that's why DHCP is turned off on it.

    I tried it with the Bridge router serving DHCP addresses of a different range than the first one, but still no luck. It appears to me that the two routers aren't talking.


    Ok, I just figured it out. :D Don't ask me why, but it appears you have to put the MAC address' last number +1 in all the spots that require a MAC address in setup. For example one of mine was 4A and I put 4B. The reason I did this is that when I went to Status, the Router portion said the lower number but when I clicked over to the Wireless section it said the higher number.

    Just so I'm clear...

    If my MAC address number was:


    I would use:


    in its place.

    Maybe someone else can explain this, but I'm just thrilled to have it working after many hours monkeying with it. :D
  3. DeQuosaek

    DeQuosaek Network Guru Member

    I see. I didn't know the routers had two MAC addresses. One for wired and one for wireless. #-o

    Anyway, make sure you are using the wireless MAC address from the Status / Wireless section and give it a shot. I hope that works for you.
  4. davidsonf

    davidsonf Network Guru Member

    Actually, there are three MAC addresses! Note also that it isn't really a difference between wired and wireless.

    The lowest numbered MAC address, which will be listed on the label attached to the bottom of the case, is the br0 interface (it is also the eth0 and vlan0 interfaces). That will have a distinct IP address assigned to it.

    The next higher MAC address is the WLAN port. Where it is assigned depends on how the router is configured. If no WDS is enabled, it will be assigned to interface eth1 along with an IP address. If WDS is enabled, vlan1 is assigned that MAC address and IP address.

    When WDS is enabled, eth1 and the wds0.n ports are assigned the third MAC address (one higher than the WLAN MAC address), but do not have a separate IP address.

    Note that I am no expert on the above. I'm looking at two WRT54G routers, one that is active and currently associated with a WRE54G repeater (using WDS) and one that is just sitting here to play with, currently configured as a Client, but the device configuration doesn't change when switched to AP mode.
  5. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    what type of security are you guys trying to use for WDS? It appears for WPA to work you need to set the routers to G-only mode but with WEP it should work in mixed (I have personally used both security modes with HyperWRT 2.1b and DD-WRT 22 Prefinal4 and Prefinal5)
  6. DeQuosaek

    DeQuosaek Network Guru Member

    I'm using WEP with DD-WRT 22 Prefinal3.2. I should probably look for Prefinal5. Is there some place you could point me to get that?

    Anyway, WEP seems pretty secure to me (especially at 128bit) and I have the MAC filtering turned on too, so my network should be pretty airtight as far as I can tell.
  7. CrashX

    CrashX Network Guru Member

    Follow the Downloads link in this site's main navigation.
  8. kevinnku25

    kevinnku25 Network Guru Member

    yea it works now I went to sveasofts dite and loooked up WDS info .. apparently i had to supply an ip for the wds to work over... go figure.. thanks for the replies, and thanks for all the fish.
  9. DeQuosaek

    DeQuosaek Network Guru Member

    Eh, link was broken and is now gone... :cry:
  10. CrashX

    CrashX Network Guru Member

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