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    I got a WRT54GS v 1.0 HyperWRT 201105. My signal went from 54Mbps to 2-11Mbps after Azureus. I got 28,00 plus attacks a day on my port I use for Azureus. I got all my port forwarding blocked again and QoS set back to default of disabled. I use McAfee too free through comcast. I have all services hidden. I used restore factory defaults and reset nvram. Did Spyware and Antivirus searches with SpySweeper, AdAware, Microsoft Anti Spyware, Hijackthis, and Comcast Toolbar. Cleaned with Window Washer and CC Cleaner. No spyware or viruses. I got Azureus, Windows XP Prof. and a very warm laptop. Cranked fans on high on laptop and router. Anything I can do or does it just have to run it's course? Please help. Thanks.
  2. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I just got a new IP address reinstalled HyperWRT 201105. I was getting 28,000 attacks(requests) not actual attacks on my Azureus port. Anyway all I did was a dhcp release on the router then a reset on my modem then a dhcp renew on my router and got a new ip address. Only took five minutes. I get an excellent signal but rate dropped. Anyway to measure actual throughput? Only started happening after Azureus use. I cleared nvram in gui, did a hard reset before and after firmware, used network stumble, only two networks mine ch. 11 and neighbor ch. 6. My card and router are set to use best rate. My computer is ten feet away from router always had excellent signal and 54Mbps before problems. Afterburner, Frame Bursting, and Xpress technology all enabled on router and card. WRT54GS v 1.0 Dell 1350 mini pci. Two Linksys High gain antennas. All antennas set to auto on card and router. Transmit power 50% default HyperWRT. Doesn't bother me if it says 54Mbps or 11Mbps But when it dropps to 2Mbps I have a 6Mbps internet connection. Just want it back the way it was. Thanks.
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