Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CraigyLFC, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. CraigyLFC

    CraigyLFC Guest

    i have a linksys wrt54g wireless router and would like to connect a psp to the internet, using its internet browser. i go through the setup process on the installation disc, and i get an error message saying the router cannot connect to the internet. i have unplugged the modem as it says to do, but i still cannot connect when i plug it bak in. when i launch internet explorer i just get an error message also.

    any suggestions, please help, i am useless at technology :)
  2. jschall

    jschall Network Guru Member

    Hey, CraigyLFC, some questions for you before we can help:

    1) What's a psp?

    2) Do you have a PC to try to connect to the internet with, first?

    3) Which version of WRT54G do you have? (v1 to v5)

    4) What firmware version is on the WRT?

    5) How do you connect to the internet, usually? Does your PC normally connect to the modem via Ethernet?

    - Jeff
  3. sreevas

    sreevas Network Guru Member


    i can help u through it but tell me what's the model of the router with version number of it,who's ur internet provided what's the operating system in the computer so that i can help u
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