Here Is Wap54g V3.1 Firmware For Increasing Transmit Power

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by Pinazinho, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Pinazinho

    Pinazinho Guest

    I've Got Wap54g V3.1 Firmware For Increasing Transmit Power.

    I Want To Upload The File To This Web But Is Too Big (1,6 Mb). Has Anyone A Server Where I Could Upload This File?
  2. aetos

    aetos LI Guru Member

  3. elvan121

    elvan121 Guest

  4. Neobahamuth

    Neobahamuth LI Guru Member

    Thank you, Pinazinho!

    Can someone please give me a second confirmation this works on a WAP54G (EU) v3.1?
    (I just bought one 2 days ago and don't want to brick it just yet!)
  5. kucharski27

    kucharski27 Guest

    I will test it on my WAP54G access point later this evening when I get home. I will then post a reply to my message letting you know what happens.

  6. filda2003

    filda2003 Guest

    Hello. I giving you a second confirmation. I test it on my v3.1 version few moments ago and WORKING!
  7. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    Hello. I giving you a 3rd confirmation. I test it on my v3.1 version and its working great ,,,,it is the hipower 3.08
  8. Neobahamuth

    Neobahamuth LI Guru Member

    Thanks guys!

    I finally risked it and flashed my wap54g.
    It worked like a charm.

    Thanks for the firmware and confirmations!
  9. rikkojoe

    rikkojoe Guest

    Hi to all my first post on this site !
    I also wanna do the update is the best at moment and works stable ? which parameter do you test works great ?
    many thanks
  10. Hymn

    Hymn LI Guru Member

    upgrade firmware WAP54G v3.1 with HyperWap

    Pleas help me.
    I upgrade WAP54G hardware v3.1 with HyperWAP v1 and then it hang
    only red LED on power light and it doesn't work. I can't enter to config it even after reset...actuall the reset button can't work.
    I think it's because I didn't turn off Downgrade Header (at first I didn't understand the description manual)
    How can I get it back?
  11. pmania

    pmania Guest

    Only 84 instead of 100

    Hmmm, this is only 84mW. I had one which did 100mW!
    But thanks anyway for the latest firmware!
  12. karibe

    karibe Guest

    how do you install the new firmware, i'm quite new on this, thanks
  13. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    WARNING !!! before upgrading or flashing your wap54g check first it ver. firmware for 3.1 is only for 3.1 ver hardware only do not upgrade if you are not sure
  14. SideshowBob

    SideshowBob Network Guru Member


    From what country are you guys?
    I live in Belgium (Europe) and here are no hardware versions v3.1 !!!

    The firmware is not new and is NOT v3.1 as the subject say it is.
    It's firmware v3.08 with a power hack.

    The other hacked firmware does not display 1 to 84mw it displays it in 1 to 100% and that 100 does not mean you wil have 100 milliwatts it just says that it is in full power and that is it maximum 84mw.

    Please write back if i'm wrong.

  15. Hymn

    Hymn LI Guru Member

    DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) micro

    Now I use DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) micro
    for WAP54G and it works well. can adjust power to 251
  16. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    sir read and study first before flushing because different versions of wap54g has different chipset and memory capacity

    for other info about fixing your wap54g you can search here in forum there are lots of working ideas and tweaks regarding your problem i hope you can fix it soon sir if still having problem I'm willing to help you email me at
  17. pyro666

    pyro666 LI Guru Member

    WAP54G Version 3.

    I currently have the WAP54G Version 3 with firmware 3.05. I want to increase the transmit power, which hack can i use to enable this feature?

    Please advise.

  18. arthur24b6

    arthur24b6 Guest

    Working well here

    I have two wap54gs operating as a bridge. I was able to use this firmware to increase my power output and see a noticeable reduction in ping times and packet loss. Previously i was "operating" with close to 30% packet loss- now, zero. Seems to work great for me.
  19. shakun

    shakun Guest


    Can someone write step by step explication for uploading this tweak of wap unite
    i have wap54g v3.1 firmware 3.05 on it

  20. rcampsr

    rcampsr Guest

    WAP54G V3.1 Firmware For Increasing Transmit Power

    I purchased 2 WAP54G v.3.1 access points in central California, USA this week. While setting one of them up I came across the power level control selection in the help menu. When I looked at the access point wireless menu the option was not availiable, tey it was in te help section of the AP.. I contacted linksys help and they told me to update the firmware to their latest on their site. The only one availiable was for the v3.0 as the latest availiable. I up graded the firmware as they suggested and guess what my AP now has v3.0 firmware and still no option to set the AP power level to the optum level for my needs.

    Anyone know of a stable aftermarket firmware for the AP that has this power control option? The AP currently is putting out a whole -50 to -55dbm, but the advertised power rating is 13 to 16dbm.

    I have looked at many sites and there are so many different sites that I am at a total loss on what firmware to use.
  21. sutil

    sutil LI Guru Member

    you need to short the 15 and 16 pins of the ic to be able to tftp the firmware
  22. mdphoenix

    mdphoenix Guest

    I know this is a year old, but confirmation here as well. Flashed successfully.

    Hymn, you still trying to solve your problem?
  23. Mr_Five

    Mr_Five LI Guru Member

    Flash Successfully

    Just confirm, today I flashed my WAP54G v3.1 successfully with wap54g_3.08.HiPower.104.trx (

    Downloaded from here:

    Hope this new firmware will solve my WAP54G v3.1 problem, it hang up frequently after up for 2 days or more.
  24. max2198

    max2198 LI Guru Member

    would this firmware work on a wap54g v2
  25. sRossi

    sRossi Guest

    installed this firmware yesterday into a v2 hardware and it worked
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