hi, flashed with DD-WRT23sp2

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mcstarr24, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. mcstarr24

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    i have a WRT54GL, the flash went well. lots of features, i set up everything, filtered 3 mac addresses, used WPA TKIP for my encyrption, etc etc. i boosted the xmit up to 62mW and nothing really drastic, i did disable DNSMasq and the other.

    followed flash diretions to the T. but here's the issue

    tyhe only wireless user is my roomate, he is just 20 feet away maybe in the next room, with stock firmware , our network transfers were very fast. avg about 34Mbps or maybe more. sometimes less on large directory transfers over time. anyway its down to a snails pace with DD-WRT. And on to the internet issue..

    we have a 10mbps cable connection and the strange thing is that on his end, through a USB WUSBGS adapator/anttena, he is only getting like 300kbps, while on my wired i get over 10meg easily on fast servers, i.e microsoft downloads for an example. yet he just snails along, and so does the LAN from both ends=/

    any ideas? i havent tried the ACK timing trick so ill report back after that.

    im thinking of just going back to stock=/ really dont want too, but it was faster.

    i know im missing a config thing here..please help heh
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