Hi, I need CFE.BIN for WRT54GS V1.1

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by didan, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. didan

    didan Network Guru Member

  2. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    what do you mean those links useless?dont they have the v1.1 GS listed there? what is wrong with it?
  3. didan

    didan Network Guru Member

    dont work with my wrt54gs v1.1 i need another cfe.bin (backuped from wrt54gs 1.1)

  4. AliM

    AliM Network Guru Member

    Send me a PM with your MAC and Email address... I will send you my cfe with adjusted mac.

    No warranty.
  5. didan

    didan Network Guru Member

    my mac adr : 00:12:17:E7:93:BD

    WRT54GS V1.1

    intel flash : TE28F640

    ram on board : hynix HY5DU5616220T-J

    switch controller : broadcom BCM5325EKQM

    cpu onboard : broadcom BCM4712LKFB

    mail adres : didan @ didan . net


    (debrick with other cfe.bin) result...
    [ 99% Flashed] 1fc3ffe0: ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff
    [ 99% Flashed] 1fc3fff0: ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff
    Done (CFE.BIN loaded into Flash Memory OK)

    Making Flash Access Read-Only Again...Done.
    Flashing Routine Complete



    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Request timed out.
  6. AliM

    AliM Network Guru Member

    Sent....let us know if it works. Good luck.
  7. didan

    didan Network Guru Member

    i try orginal cfe.bin files.. yet my wrt54gs is dead .. i cant rebrick this damned device ...
    i'm unlucy i'm unhappy ...
    jtag method is useless :((

    thanks for all...
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