High Gain Antennas for linksys WRT54G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Haakie, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Haakie

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  2. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    They can help, but you haven't really said anything about your setup and surroundings that might help someone help you. You do mention the use of Hyperwrt, but nothing about how you set up the firmware's options. I use those antennas along with Hyperwrt on a WRT54G v2, but I didn't see much improvement until I learned a bit about how to setup the firmware and what kind of obstacles might degrade the router's performance.
  3. Haakie

    Haakie Network Guru Member

    Ok, i've got a WRT54G. Don't know hardware version. HyperWRT V2.0 is installed. I use WEP 128 bits encryption. Transmit power is set to 50mW. It's placed besides my pc.
  4. Haakie

    Haakie Network Guru Member

  5. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I have those antennas and am using HyperWRT 201105 build. I don't know how much they help out because my computers are close to the router and it is too cold to be outside now. I have seen cheaper antennas on this forum. I forget where just search for hawking and antenna, also try www.freeantennas.com. I have a fan installed too, a good idea if you plan on cranking up the transmit power. It has an on off switch so when I don't need to boost the transmit power You can shutt both off. I have it on 25% when I am not using it outside. I have it high up on a shelf and near a window. It is set up for G only.

    SteelersFANinMA I am new too what would be some of the options that would increase range? I have WDS-AP Mode, G only, channel 11,authentication auto, no security, basic rate all, transmission rate auto, CTS disabled, frameburst enabled, beacon interval 100, DTIM interval 1, frag threshold 2346, RTS 2347, AP isolation off, preamble long, tx and rx set to auto, transmit power 25% when inside 100% when outside with a fan installed. Two highgain 7dbi linksys antennas I don't have any dropped packets so i didn't change any of suggestions from here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=4413
    In the process of making reflectors too from free antennas.com.
  6. lihpevets

    lihpevets Guest

    I have not tried the linksys antennas, but...

    I am using a 5-inch cAntenna from http://etherdesigns.com with my WRT54G. I live in a big old house with thick drywall and plaster walls, and with the stock antennas I had severe signal loss, to the point that I could not connect in some rooms at less than 20 feet. With the cAntenna, I have good signal throughout the house and outdoors.

    I am using mostly standard settings for the router, although I recently installed the Alchemy firmware and boosted the power to 56mw. (The antenna had much more effect than the power boost.)

    One reason I chose a directional antenna is that my router is in a corner of my house, so the "cone" reaches most of the house. If you choose a directional antenna, be sure to check the signal coverage diagrams, and adjust the aim accordingly.
  7. MattLL

    MattLL Network Guru Member

    I live in an apparment building and I was wondering the same thing....When I run the wireless search it pulls up on avarage 10 other access points form the surrounding units...Will the High Gain antennas help weed out the interference from other AP without having to drive the router hard?

    I use a wrt54gs with DD-WRT v23 (11-23-05) WEP security enabled, 175mw, Mixed, Channel 6 (the least used channel in my area), Stock Antennas

    My 2nd pc is about 30 feet away from the router
  8. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    The thing that would help most is putting a highly directional antenna on that 2nd PC's wireless card. This could be an economy panel, corner reflect, cantenna, or anything else that is not a straight up "stick".

    You can also use directional antennas on your wireless router as long as their coverage pattern points at your wireless clients.

    The Linksys +7 omnidirectional (Vertical Array Dipole) antenna kit will be extremely unhelpful in a radio dense environment--it will increase the reception of interference. You need the "opposite" type antenna that can focus and concentrate the signal in a particular direction, such as Yagi, Vagi, Cantenna, Corner-Reflect, Panel, Dish, Grid.
  9. MattLL

    MattLL Network Guru Member

    A directional antenna on the 2nd pc is a no go since it uses a Linksys WUSB network adapter.

    Its the only way I could hook it up to my network.....No PCI slots in it...

    I was looking at the WER54G wireless expander to help with the interference and connection. Good idea........or still experience the same problem?

    I was aloso looking at 2 WAP11 and run those between the router and the computer.

    I am trying to stay away form Directional antennas for a couple of reasons.......1st the wife thinks i have enough crap hooked up...2nd don't have the room to set up a directional antenna
  10. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Well, setting the Linksys on top of a PC's CRT glass monitor can really extend its range.

    You could also hide the linksys down behind the desk and put in a pretty little Hawking +15 Corner reflect onto your Linksys. It hooks up to the right or left side and then you will adjust HyperWRT (advanced wireless options) to use only the side with the new antenna.

    The right side is directly soldered to the motherboard. The left side often has a better connection to the diversity chip. Test, and use whatever side has a better connection to your laptop.

    Using the Hawking Corner Reflect +15 on the linksys router will not make a huge difference, but it will cut down on some interference. You could even use a less-expensive desktop panel antenna. Those are a pretty little square and I'm sure that your wife would rather look at that than a big blue box with rabbit ears. ;)
  11. crispycritter911

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    As far as transmission power, hyperWRT should allow you to set your transmission power to 84mW via the web interface. That is generally safe to set. Once you go over 100+ mW you put your router at risk of frying. The highest setting you can sustain for your router with additional cooling (heat sinks an a fan) is 251mW. As far as your USB adapter, if it has one of the adjustable nubby antennas you can try http://www.freeantennas.com/

    They have templetes you can print out on cardboard and then apply foil to it, so it will act as a wave guide. To make your antenna more directional.
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