Hints needed, SPA901 half duplex 10m and intermittent problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by agidi, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. agidi

    agidi LI Guru Member

    Hello gurus.

    We just installed 6 SPA504g (replacement for spa942) 2 spa942, and about 10 SPA901, this phones are plugged to either a SRW2024 or SRW2024P switches.

    We noted the SPA901 flash their leds as if no network was available, every now and then. They fail to place a call correctly too, after this leds blink.

    They DO work (we are running latest elastix) they can place calls 80% of the time.

    They DO NOT fail at the same time.

    The SPA504 and 942 work flawlessly all day long.

    The only thing I noted is, that monitoring the ports on the switches
    the spa901 show connected as half duplex at 10M
    instead of full duplex at 100m

    The switches are in auto negotiate, if I force 100M Full, the phone fails.
    The phones have the latest firmware.

    Any ideas why this half duplex scenario is happening? I have tried connecting the phone to the switch directly with new patch cables, with the same result.
    I'm pulling my hair here, and there's not much left. :confused:

    all comments ideas or suggestions are welcomed.
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