Home LAN with WRT54GS, WRTP54G, RTP300

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Darkflyer, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Darkflyer

    Darkflyer Guest

    I have 6 computers, 4 in one room, 2 in another plus a laptop I use wireless. My house does not have enough jack in these rooms so I use routers instead. My setup is as follows
    Cable modem > Linksys WRT54GS > into WAN port of IBM 8242 016 HUB which feeds two other routers Linksys RTP300 (4 computers and two Vonage phone lines) and Linksys WRTP54G (two computers and two Vonage phone lines) and a TIVO box.

    All computers can go online and phones work. I had the same setup at my previous residence and was able to network all of the systems so I know it can be done but now I have two separate networks. What is the trick to networking all these computers for file and printer sharing?

    I can see all of the routers and the TIVO box on the WRT54GS and there appears to be some MAC cloning going on. I can also ping all of the computers.
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