Hopeless, desperate WRT54GP2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by HopelessWRT54GP2, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Please, if someone has an update firmware for WRT54GP2, please send for me at claudiu@silvernet.ro .
    I'm desperately trying to get a firmware update for more than 2 months but Linksys refuse to help and on the Internet I can not find one.
    I found only for model RT31P2
    which is not good for me.
    I got references to WRT54GP2_NA_v1.29.00_000_VM_3.1.05_LI_combin_code.bin but I can not get the firmware itself :sad:
    I got on my router firmware WRT54GP2-EU v1.25.00 VM-2.0.10-LI and I have problems with:
    1 - remote administration on WAN port,
    2 - I would like to use PPTP client in basic setup but PPTP server address can not be specified (the router tries to connect to it's own gateway address)
    3 - frecvently loosing connection on wireless lan and can not estabilish encrypted sessions.

    Linksys Helpdesk very kindly answered to my request, and they told that an upgrade will solve my problem but they can not help me, try somewhere else.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  3. kunuk

    kunuk Network Guru Member


    I have been trying to upgrade my WRT54GP2-NA since i bought it, but always got the "Wrong file pattern error".

    But this firmware finally worked.
    Thanks a lot. :cheer: :clap: :thumb:
  4. gentissi

    gentissi Network Guru Member

    Toxic , the firmware is unlocked?
  5. filpil

    filpil Guest

  6. birkenhead

    birkenhead Network Guru Member

    Can anyone help with a tutorial on how to upgrade the above firmware on my WRT54GP2-NA

    Sorry for a poor first post. :sadbye:
  7. cadbloke

    cadbloke Network Guru Member

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