Hosting behind a WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Tonymax, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member

    Hello all!

    I am the default IT guy for a small business, and we're trying to get several pieces of our equipment (which all have small built-in webservers) on line thru our DSL PPoE connection and WRT54G router, while still keeping our other 4 computers (3 wired, one wi-fi) secure.

    The equipment we want to put on line can have either fixed Ip or DHCP, right now they're fixed, and our setup looks like this:

    DSL Modem (Broadmax, bridged)
    Our fixed, public IP from our ISP is
    WRT54G, in Gateway mode, firmware 3.03.6
    Internal LAN IP for the Linksys is
    wired computers (DHCPd, ranging from and up)
    equipment, IPs ranging from to .20

    I have tried turning off the firewall, DMZing to one of the pieces of equpment, and port triggering/forwarding, nothing. Anything sent to the public IP just times out.

    Should I be doing something special with the gateway setting on my 'host' gear? I've tried setting it to the Linksys internal IP and the ISP settings for their gateway, but neither works.

    Is this a firmware problem in the Linksys? If so, what firmware should I be looking at to make this work?

    Also have a Netgear WiFi router I could throw into the mix if needed.

    Appreciate any and all help!
  2. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    so just to get the problem figured out here, you want the equipments which use the ip addresses to .20 to reach the intermet?

    well the last set of equipment is behind a switch right?

    is that switch configured right.

    and ur a I.T why did you post ur public ip address.
  3. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member

    That's default IT guy....

    I'm a broadcast engineer, kinda new to the IT stuff, posting my public IP is bad? Isn't it public? That's the IP our cutomers are going to use to access our equipment.

    Oh, well - the equipment I'm wanting the public to access has the fixed IPs from .12 to .20, there are two switches between them and the router, a Dell Powerswitch and a Netgear 8 port switch. All of the computers in our office (including the WiFi one that's connected through the Linksys) can access the gear fine, I even tried bypassing the swiches and hooking up the unit with the DMZ'ed IP directly to the Linksys, no go.

    Thanks for your help, if you want, I can send you my e-mail so we can hash this out more privately....
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    sure if you want my email is
  5. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member

    e-mail crashed

    Hey jag!

    My e-mail server crashed after I sent a mail to you - tell me more about configuring switches? I didn't think they were configurable.....
  6. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i figured that when the email bouced

    but if you connect the equipment to the wrt you dont get a ip

    look i need to run maybe we could chat later on msn mesanger
  7. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Ok... lets try and sort this out...

    The first thing we need to figure out is if your public IP address is dynamic or static.

    I know you said:
    But usually a PPPoE DSL connection means you have a dynamic public IP address...

    The "fixed" pubic address you mentioned, is that actually a static IP address? (It will never change, it's yours to keep as long as you are with your ISP.) Or is it dynamic meaning it might change at some point?

    If you really do have a static IP address, how many static addresses do you have available. (It might be only one or it could be more. Up to 8 static IP addresses are not uncommon. This info will have been specified in the contract with your ISP depending on which service plan you purchased.)

    The answer the the above questions will dictate what your options are and whether or not you have more than one choice on how you can setup your network.

    My next question is: Could you access the internet from any of the devices connected to the WRT54G with things setup the way you described? I'll venture a guess and say No based on what you wrote here:

    The LAN IP address must be in a completely different "range" from your public IP address since the WRT is functioning in "gateway mode".

    Just to get things up and running to some degree I'd recommend you start by changing the LAN IP address of the WRT back to & assign all your devices IP addresses in the 192.168.1.x range. This should at least allow you to connect to the internet from behind the WRT.

    From there you have several choices for how people should be allowed to access your equipment from the internet but before moving forward you'll need to get some definitive answers regarding your public IP address.

    Regarding configuring the switches... What's the model number of your devices? I'd be surprised if there were any configuration options on yours since it doesn't sound like you are using any enterprise level equipment, but on the other hand there are such things as "managed" switches so it's not impossible.
  8. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member

    We're connecting fine!

    Hey and thanks for the response!

    All of our computers behind the firewall (DHCPd addressses ranging from to 40) can connect fine, the equipment that I want to make public is passive, but I assume there will be connectivity - I can access all of them through the network from any computer, whether it's the wireless connected to the LInksys or the others connected to the Dell swtich. I can even type in our public IP and it connects to the unit whose IP is set for the DMZ on the linksys. Just cant hit it from outside, no ping, no tracert, nothing.

    Our IP is fixed and static, will never change. We just have the one IP, so I'm hoping to find a way to direct broswers to about 8 different IPs within the network once they get through the gateway and hit the first unit (I'd call it a server, but it's just a box with small internal website,) I set up the network originally with the non-routable IPs internally,, but when I couldn't get through from the outside I thought I's try the other way. I can change them back, if that will help.

    My big question is why I can't see anything when I dial up our public IP from outside our network. Shouldn't I hit the router, or get a ping, or something?

    Appreciate your help - the Linksys people are clueless on this one.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: We're connecting fine!

    A few questions:
    1) How are you trying to 'access' these inside (private ) PCs?
    Are they web, ssh, telnet or a special port/application?
    2) How many static (outside) IP addresses do you have available??
    3) If you can get to the outside them, then the problem/fix is in your wrt54g.
    4) What are the port numbers of the inside servers??


    ps. This many help you:
  10. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member


    Okay, more than a few quesitons there....

    The units we want to allow public access to are not PCs, they're broadcast gear that have built in servers for HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SNMP, SNTP, SMTP, etc. They each have their own static IP, but they can go DHCP if needed. We have one public static IP available from our ISP, I was hoping (knowing next to nothing about IT) that we could have the public get through our public IP and router and hit one of those units with the embedded server, and then maybe redirect from there if they wanted to see any of the other units.

    Hell, I'd be happy to be able to get through to just one unit. Nothing could get through the Linksys, it won't even return a ping on our public IP. I've swapped it now for a Netgear, see if I have any luck with that one.

    I was always able to get Internet connectivity from all of the PCs on the network, but since the other gear is passive, I couldn't initiate activity from them. They're on the same switch as the PCs, and they're set up the same way, so I gotta believe they could talk back to the Internet, if they could only hear it!
  11. Tonymax

    Tonymax Network Guru Member


    Well, screw Linksys! The Netgear router worked first time out of the box! I may put the Linksys behind the Netgear to act as a firewall for our PCs on the network...

    Next question - I have a home page in the DMZd server, I'd like to set up links on that page for the other pieces of equipment at their IPs, how can I route the traffic to multiple IPs once it's inside the Netgear?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Success!

    You have changed the scope of your question. Everything you
    wanted to do you could do with the linksys. Now you are asking
    a question about Netgear stuff, do you really expect an answer?

    Read my previous posting about your last qestion.
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