Hostname assignment & a question on config management

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by qBot, May 13, 2006.

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    I'm after upgrading to Thibor15c. Absolutely love the firmware with its many features. I have two small questions though. One is more related to Thibor than the other but I said i'd ask the second in her as i've seen Thibor has got the same xbox setup as myself.

    Firstly. I have a v2.2 WRT54G which requires me to envoke the overdrive feature using the nvram command. If after doing this I create a backup of my config, will a restore config be enough on a nvram cleared newly flashed wrt54g. It's a small question but one I would like to know. I actually asked this question at the end of another thread but didn't get any response.

    Secondly. I have an xbox hooked up to my network through one of the lan ports on my wrt. Unfortunately you can't setup a hostname on the xbox. But i saw a feature in Thibor for assigning hostnames based on ip/mac. I tried it out but it didn't seem to work properly for me. If my workgroup name was "Home" shall we say. What values would I need to fill in to give my xbox a hostname of "xbox". Edit: The end result I want is the ability to be able to ping my xbox with the command "ping xbox".
    Thanks Brian.
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    your xbox can have the hostname set in the ms dashboard. if you're using xbmc or unleashx i don't know where it would be.
    as for clk-freq, restore the backup and tell me if it works
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