How awesome is Tomato!?! I have never seen a board so quiet...

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by luckman212, Jan 31, 2007.


how awesome is Tomato??!??

  1. Completely F%&$%*g awesome!!

    47 vote(s)
  2. Totally F*&%$*@g amazing!!

    18 vote(s)
  1. luckman212

    luckman212 LI Guru Member

    most forums like this are jammed with posts like

    "help! my router crashes when I blah blah blah"

    or "xyz stopped working in the latest update on my brand XXXx router...."

    with Tomato... just a nice quiet board... the occasional question here and there, but no major issues to speak of. Just a ton of happy users day after day, setting new records for uptimes on <$50 hardware...

    just brings a tear to my eye!!! :halo:
    thank you Jon!
  2. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    Most of the post here are people wanting to know how hard they can push their router... not why does this not work....

    When was the last time you had reboot cause the internet conection dropped and won't reconnect? I can't remember the last time I had to reset my modem (other than my sh***ty isp dropping the connection and blaming my computer)

    Keep up the good work Jon :)
  3. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    It's like a group of people who sit down for an excellent Steak and Tomato dinner. Before the food is served, the room is loud with people talking. When the food is served, the whole room suddenly becomes very quiet. Welcome to the peacful and harmonious Tomato forum ! I get around all over the internet, but have never seen such a pleasant phenomenon when it comes to technical forums.
  4. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    well i can say tt tomato seems even more stable than the stock firmware itself =P i did have a few problems b4 though, but it turned out to be my brother exhausting the 4096 connection limit i set(he's mad) or my crappy 2wire modem's fault. i actually spent 1hr forcing it to get into bridge mode =)
  5. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    Sure, it’s a fine firmware, but at least the other boards don’t have silly threads like this one.
  6. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    We have to write about something... :rolleyes: we can't complain or cry that our routers don't work...:halo:
  7. tievolu

    tievolu Network Guru Member

    The best thing about this forum is the fact that everyone seems to have taken to finding or creating their own individual tomato avatar.

    Even I've done it, and I normally don't bother with silly stuff like that :)
  8. unicorn02

    unicorn02 LI Guru Member

    I just love that stable firmware. Can't imagine a feature that I am missing. It simply works. And this is seldom these days :eek:nfire:
  9. bokh

    bokh Network Guru Member

    Well... I kind of hesitated today about answering here.
    Until yet I'm one of the three who voted for totally F-word amazing: as long as Tomato can't fix me a coffee in the morning and pour me a beer in the evening it's not completely F-word awesome for /me! :cool:
    C'mon guys (you're all guys, right? :confused:), it's "just" a freakin' rock-solid firmware that I've grown very fond of (just like the rest of you)!
  10. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I totaly agree, and thats why i post here :coolest:

  11. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    Indeed. I've used my share of lousy, bloated WRT firmwares over the past year *cough DD-WRT* and it's nice to finally find one that's "Totally Freaking Awesome".

    I only switched to tomato about 2 weeks ago, and since doing so, one of the things I've noticed is that my Torrents used to go at 50-60k/s at most.. Now I'm getting speeds upwards of 800k/s!! That's right not 80, but 800!. I don't think it's just coincedence either, because I've never gotten those speeds on a Torrent (I'm on a 10 mb line).

    I certainly don't have anything to complain about!
  12. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    Well... the stock firmware doesn't like bittorrent (too many connections), so that would explain slow speed with that. I know I could easily max out my (small in comparison) 3MB cable connection at ~320KB/Sec with DD-WRT... maybe there was something wrong with your configuration. Did you adjust the max number of connections and the timeout values in DD-WRT? Were you using any kind of inbound QOS?

    I would guess that Tomato is more reliable than DD-WRT because DD-WRT provides a lot of (in my case) useless add-ons. If one has a bug or is written poorly it could cause stability problems. By also providing different versions (mini, micro, generic, voip, etc) there's the risk of breaking one version if there's a dependency problem. The same problem is possible with OpenWRT as well, with so many packages available. Tomato keeps it simple with the basic "stock firmware" features and then just expands on it in a few key categories, keeping the bulk to a minimum and reliability high.
  13. tstrike2000

    tstrike2000 Network Guru Member

    I have to agree. I've never messed around with an avatar before for any reason. It was just a funny thought that came to me since it occurred to me that I get to use a piece of software called Tomato.
  14. unicorn02

    unicorn02 LI Guru Member

  15. jockel

    jockel LI Guru Member

    I am coming from dd-wrt and started switching our neighbourhood network
    to Tomato for exactly this reason. I need a solid firmware that offers the client
    mode as dd-wrt and Tomato do, no additional special features required. But
    Tomato seems to do this much more stable and reliable for me.
  16. psychowood

    psychowood Network Guru Member

    Ditto :biggrin:
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