how bad is linksys support?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by radius13a, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. radius13a

    radius13a Network Guru Member

    subject says it all? i've patiently been waiting for 1.3.6 firmware for 3 weeks. i've called back in many times since they the support folks have such a hard time reading email correctly. then again, is calling much better? first i'm told my email was wrong in there system? ok, how did i get emails back from support saying sorry please call the 800 number. second, they corrected the email address but forgot to send the email. i've had enough. i've upgraded my rv042 to 1.3.6 from the linksys china website download. it fixes most of the problems i've had. thanks linksys for building a piece of crap in the rv042 and for having an utterly useless support line which most likely has been outsourced to somewhere. time to find a vpn endpoint router that actually works? anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. Toxic

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    Wether linksys reads these forums is another thing, just email then your thoughts it saves on wasted anger being expressed here.

    This Site was setup to allow users to discuss problems they are having with there products since Linksys themselves don't seem to care much.

    i have also tried to get hold of hardware (even temporary loan) from linksys yet i am still waiting 2 months now for a reply. Linksys UK forwarded the request to the US, where it would seem the problem is. i hope for there sakes they stop this game of hide and seek.
  3. toofgib

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    I posted this link on another post. The RV042 firmware is available for download on the Linksys China website. As other forum members have written, the firmware automatically detects the language. I installed firmware 1.3.6 and everything is fine. Menus are in English.

    Don't waste your time with people from Linksys. I have:

    - emailed them
    - chatted with them (on their chat tech support)
    - called them

    ALL WITH NO SUCCESS. Find other ways of getting what you want. They will not come through for you. Even this newest, most recent firmware has a release date of December 2004. How should us users feel when there are a multitude of issues/bugs/improvements that need to be done, yet the latest firmware was released in December 2004 (and harder to get through 'official' means than a tech support agent that knows what's going on!)

    Visit Linksys China and get it for yourself!
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